Vivica Fox Makes Fun of Kenya’s Reunion Dragging

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Vivica Fox definitely won’t be joining Team Twirl anytime soon since it’s been rumored that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore stole her cell phone during filming for “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The actress has taken shots at Kenya on social media ever since filming wrapped up, and it appears she won’t be backing down in the near future.

The other day she actually made fun of Kenya’s infamous reunion dragging.

Vivica tweets:

vivica fox twitter


        1. Kenya is getting all the attention? Well she should. She’s a thief and even Donald Trump said she is so evil he had to fire her. But if someone stole your phone, you’d be ok with that? Well, I’m not surprised. Y’all are the same ones who said someone screaming in a bullhorn next to you isn’t a big deal. Y’all will excuse every thing Kenya does and we in turn can do nothing but continue to laugh at your delusion.

        2. Girl if you don’t twirl out of here. Vivica actually has something Kenya never could…a REAL acting career and leading roles in REAL movies. I’m talking roles where she has more than one line. When Kenya can do that, then you can talk ish on here. Y’all stay praising your girl for being a washed up flop. Reality TV is all she will ever have.

    1. I don’t think that’s fair. You guys never call Kenya out for her classless behavior to others, but get upset when someone returns the favor. She’s not an angel.

  1. Kenya’s sh-t stirring a-s -ucked with the wrong one on CA! Episode 3 and she’s already showing her true colors. Vivica will NOT be played with.

  2. Kenya’s crazy a-s has found her match in Vivica. Aunt Viv doesn’t give a f-ck and she ain’t scared of any of Kenya’s silly stans. Kenya started it but Viv will finish it.

  3. Let me guess. Kenya is taking the “high road” on this now huh and didn’t respond? That’s what she does when she knows she’s pissed off the wrong person. Too bad she didn’t take the high road and didn’t steal the phone to begin with.

  4. If you steal my phone, I’m going for the jugular too. Viv should have pressed charges like Kenya did Porsha. Kenya stans love to call everyone a hood rat but she’s a hood rat who steals cell phones.

  5. Porsha didn’t do enough cause the broad still has not learned a damn thing, that only tells me she either likes getting hands put on her, or need a fr fr azz whooping. Evil person, jux pure Lucifer.

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