Kandi Burruss Denies Being Messy

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Demetria McKinney made it clear on her Twitter account that she felt it was messy for Kandi’s friend to tell her she also dated Roger Bobb at Kandi’s party, but Kandi claims she wasn’t trying to be messy by inviting both ladies.

She writes:

As for my party… Let me start off by saying I know how to throw great parties. The food and decor were on point! Dr. Rachael and I had some great games that we had put together for the ladies. It was supposed to be a really fun time, but a couple of things went wrong. The first awkward moment for me was when Dr. Rachael asked Cynthia and NeNe to be bonded together, because NeNe took offense to it. She acted like we were purposely trying to upset her or something. I was confused, because when Cynthia and Porsha first got there, they told me that they had all went to lunch and had worked through their issues, so I didn’t understand why NeNe was so bothered by us choosing her and Cynthia for the game. When NeNe expressed how she felt, then Cynthia got upset as well, so that wasn’t good. I tried to hurry up and change it to NeNe and Claudia so that we could keep the fun going, but it seemed like NeNe wasn’t quite feeling her either…but she went along with it. At that point I thought we would be cool.

But then my friend Gocha let Demetria know that she had dated Roger Bobb. OK, let me give you the back story. For everyone that tweeted saying Kandi must have known she dated Roger Bobb, the answer is yes. Of course I knew, BUT I wasn’t trying to set Demetria up. Carmon told me right before the party started that she had also invited our friends Toby and Gocha as well as a couple more people who couldn’t make it. I said to her that I didn’t know if it was a good idea for Gocha to come because she used to date Roger and Demetria was coming. Then Carmon asked me if she should call and tell Gocha not to come. I said not to do that because I didn’t even know Demetria that well, and it didn’t seem cool for me to tell Gocha, someone that I hang out with a lot, that she couldn’t come because Demetria, someone that I was just getting to know, was coming. It shouldn’t have been a big deal, because it had been a year from the date of the party since Gocha dated Roger, and on top of that Gocha was happy in a relationship. Unfortunately, as soon as Demetria said she was dating Roger Bobb for 8 years that was the end of party. Nobody said their man’s name but Demetria. Not to say that she shouldn’t. I guess when you’re in love, you should scream his name for the world to hear. I was mad because I didn’t want the party to end that quickly. I had a whole bunch of new Bedroom Kandi products that I wanted to show the girls. But oh well… Anyway, since the party Demetria and I have gotten to know each other better, and I think she’s a nice person. For now on I’ll try to just keep her and Gocha on separate guest list.


  1. Kandi is lying. She is one of the most messiest housewives and likes to set people up all the time. If she would pimp out her mom, I wouldn’t put pimping out friends past her.

  2. I don’t think it’s Kandi’s fault though! Roger Bob is a typical Atlanta man. Demetria shouldn’t act all surprised.

  3. I thought it was a well known fact that Kandi will do whatever she has to stay relevant on this show. People love to bash Kenya but Kandi is one of the dirtiest people on RHOA. Look at how she used her own momma to keep her peach. Of course she set Demetria up. She knows being messy is her only way to stay on the show.

    1. Kandi’s not on the show because she’s messy. She loves to sit back and watch the other ladies go back and forth while she claims to remain neutral. She’s the safest cast member to root for and that’s why she’s on the show.

  4. Kandi has always been messy but viewers stay focused on other cast members so Kandi usually gets away with it.

  5. I like Kandi but tbh she stirs the pot more than Kenya and Nene combined. Cynthia is behind her. It’s always the ones who act all neutral and unbiased who stir the pot the most when they feel like nobody is looking.

  6. Now I’m pretty sure Kandi set Demetria up at the request of the producers. That’s always how it goes.

  7. I’m inclined to believe Kandi had an idea of what would happen. Regardless, Demetria’s real issue is with Roger Bobb.

  8. Kandi is an undercover sh-t stirrer who can never keep a secret before blabbing it to everyone, and then acting all innocent – same as Cynthia. But Demetria wanted to lord it over a certain ex beauty queen that Roger Bobb is HER man, and it backfired in her face.

  9. Yea ok Kandi but I don’t feel sorry for Demetria she is the type of woman who ignores all the signs and still makes an excuse for her cheating boyfriend. Then she got the audacity to try to clown Phaedra’s relationship when her man has slept with everyone in ATL which probably included some men.

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