Vivica Fox Says Kenya Moore Stabbed Her in the Back

Photo Credit: The Meredith Viera Show
Photo Credit: The Meredith Vieira Show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Celebrity Apprentice” star and actress Vivica Fox caught some backlash for making fun of Kenya Moore’s reunion dragging, but Vivica claims she’s only been going in so hard on Kenya because she’s feels the RHOA personality stabbed her in the back.

She tells Meredith Vieira:

“Before, I’ve known Kenya for years. I was just absolutely shocked. When you do “Celebrity Apprentice” it’s definitely a cut-throat, business soap opera, that kind of plays out. Nothing’s forced, there’s nothing script. They kind of put you together for 12 hours a day, six days a week so guess what some people are going to get tired, they are going to get testy and the desperation that she showed towards the end, when the week before she was calling me her friend, her sister, I had let her borrow my gown for one of the projects, I just thought wow. I had never been that close to a person then the second I turn around stab me in the back. I just called her behavior toxic and instead of calling her the b word, I called her the t word, trick.”


  1. When will these women learn that Kenya is nobody’s friend? She needs reality shows to pay her bills. And she will betray anyone to do it.

  2. Kenya won’t stop until someone does her worse than Porsha did. She’s too old to be so messy. Leave people alone.

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