Watch: Tara Checks Peter Gunz

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the current season of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” Peter Gunz has decided that he wants his baby mama Tara Wallace back, but his desire for her happens to take place while his wife Amina Buddafly is pregnant with their first child together.

In a sneak peek, Peter makes his case over a lavish getaway he planned for her and their kids, but Tara makes it clear that she’s not really feeling a reunion.

She says:

“How do you want the best for me when you didn’t give me sh*t?

“You gave me garbage…Peter not everything, but this girl being pregnant is garbage for me to swallow. “

Check out the video below:


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    1. Me either. The fact that she’s still giving him the time of day lets me know she’s not above getting back with him.

    1. I think she will take him back… She is one of those women who have children to keep her man. ….even if he give her only 5% of him. She is happy.

  1. This dude is bumb bum. I mean he walk the streets of NY with slippers and socks wtf makes you think he would care for another being when he cares even less about himself. He’s a fake Gallis

  2. He’s a bumb bum. This guy walks the streets of NYC with slippers and socks. He doesn’t care for himself what would make her or them think he could care for them. These broads need to grow up. I like Tara but this need to stop today.

  3. What man has the audacity to take his baby moms on a trip while he has a pregnant wife at home….and what woman takes up the offer? They both are sickening and make a mockery of marriage and relationships in general. I understand this is their hustle but damn. Have some self worth.

  4. I watched the whole thing last night. It’s about time she told that bum to get lost. I hope she sticks to her guns and lets Amina have him. He is trash.

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