Keri Hilson Responds to Empty Stadium Performance Reports

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keri Hilson has been in the news as of late for her hot romance with NBA player Serge Ibaka, but for the last couple of days folks have been once again dragging her over her music career because it’s being reported that she performed to an almost empty stadium recently.

According to All Hip Hop, Keri performed at the AT&T Playoff Playlist Live! and opened for Lenny Kravitz at the at the American Airlines Center in Dallas and there were lots of empty seats.

A video posted by Jae Ink (@jaeinkk) on


While many clowned her on social media over the empty seats, Keri took to her Twitter account to let her critics know that the check she got is far from humorous:

keri hilson twitter


  1. Out of her own mouth that she was relevant 4 years ago! Now why she’s acting like stating that is a good thing, I don’t understand!

  2. Does this grown a-s woman not understand that tweeting this could negatively impact how much she’s offered the next time?

  3. She will not be asked back because of this tweet. She’s bragging about being paid 100k and wasn’t even able to bring people to their seats. Sounds like she’s not worth the 100k and now every promoter and venue will offer her less.

  4. People love to blame Beyonce and the Hive for why Keri is a flop, but it was her attitude that hurt her. And you can see by this tweet she’s still cocky and by the looks of the video she still has no reason to be.

  5. I mean it was a nice little clapback but she still underachieving in my opinion. Keri is very talented and could have been a big star but she tried to come for Bey(big mistake) and she didn’t put the work in to be a star. She too busy chasing around Serge only time she seems serious about her music is when her and Serge break up.

  6. I missed the whole incident between her and Bey but whatever the reason is behind her career tanking, it’s unfortunate because she’s a really talented artist.

  7. I mean I commend her on still getting those coins but she really does need to figure out how to stop losing. As an artist, she should want to perform to packed audiences. Not empty seats. Do better girl.

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