Kenya Moore Goes There

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA star Kenya Moore is still under fire for calling Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o out for reportedly declining taking pictures with her at a Golden Globes party, but that hasn’t stopped the reality star from reloading on the verbal jabs for NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks.

In her most recent Bravo blog, Kenya has actually coined herself, Claudia, Cynthia and DeMetria as the “Beauties” but coined NeNe and Phaedra the “Beasts.”

She writes:


I was sickened to my stomach to watch the beasts behave the way they did at dinner. They were completely disrespectful toward Demetria, even though she was gracious enough to invite them. Their rude side remarks, their nasty digs, and their blatant shade are all indicative of beastly behavior. Demetria was sweet and tried to be open toward new friendships. After all, she invited us all to Puerto Rico!


Meanwhile back in the wild, all the beasts took turns trying to see who could be the biggest boar, with NeNe leading the pack. NeNe wants to say she is a good friend and not a fake friend. We all saw her declare we were friends at the Tavern, but be mean as a snake to me very next time I saw her. She was very pleasant to Demetria at the studio, yet took pride in mocking her singing career and aspirations by asking where she could go to a studio so she can get on iTunes to her face. And let’s not forget how she pounced on Cynthia for trying to keep the peace by asking Phaedra to simply apologize if she didn’t mean to be insulting toward Demetria. This is a group of uncouth heathens let loose to terrorize anyone they feel are vulnerable.

Just two seasons ago NeNe was telling Phaedra you can’t win by being dirty, yet they are behaving like two pigs rolling around in the mud. It shows you can put lipstick on a pig (or moose), but it’s still a pig. They both like to be dirty.


  1. Again, I don’t know why a black woman who brags about having so much class thinks it’s ok to get on a huge platform like RHOA and call other black women beasts and animals. I don’t ever want to hear her call herself a role model again.

  2. And this is probably why Lupita didn’t want to take a picture with her. Lupita’s whole thing during her Oscar run was uplifting black women, but Kenya’s RHOA fame comes from dogging out black women. She’ll call you ghetto, a beast, moose, frog, ugly….nah I’d be good on a picture too.

  3. I rolled my eyes so hard reading this my head hurts. She wonders y Lupita didn’t want to take a picture w her. She stay degrading black women. Did she really call them beasts & pigs? I cannot. For someone who has so much “class” she lacks humility

  4. NeNe and Phaedra were the best thing to ever happen to this insufferable and pugnacious twit. Lupita did right paying her complete and utter dust.

  5. And she wonders why Lupita didn’t want to be associated with her. I can’t believe how low down and trashy Kenya has become. You could have never convinced me she would turn into such a messy person just to collect a Bravo paycheck. I knew doing this show would change my views on her.

  6. I guess her Aunt Lori and whoever else raised her never taught her that inside beauty is even more important than outer beauty. What good is it being such a pretty woman when you’re completely hideous on the inside? She really thinks she’s better than Phaedra and NeNe because she’s considered prettier than them, but she’s got a lot to learn.

  7. Same crap every blog she writes. We’re so pretty and they’re ugly and jealous!!!! Ugh get over yourself Kenya.

  8. And here’s yet another instance when Kenya displays her color struck issues. She really doesn’t like other black women and only sees them as competition and tools to do her dirty work. It’s going to be interesting when her and her “friend” Claudia fall out. You know it’s coming.

    1. The worst thing Claudia did was show Kenya those corns on her feet, cuz now she has material to work with when that “friendship” goes south.

  9. Kenya loves to put others down, laugh at their misfortunes. How can anyone take this broad serious? Shes a hypocrite, snake and shyster. She believes she’s the best thing since light bread, well imo that bread is burnt. Kenya is the worst frfr…

  10. I love beautiful women, but it’s a turn off when all a woman can brag about is her looks all the time. I don’t watch the show but every time I read about this woman on here she is calling herself a queen and beautiful, and calling someone else ugly and an animal. I see now that she’s single because her personality is a turnoff to most of us.

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