Claudia Jordan Under Fire, Again

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

RHOA newbie Claudia was furious with NeNe Leakes for calling her a half-breed during an onscreen argument, but hours later video of her making insensitive jokes about dark-skinned people went viral, and a day or so after that video of her going in on Tiny Harris and calling her a “waste of light skin” also made the blogs too.

Claudia apologized for both videos, but now it appears she’s once again under fine for making offensive jokes.

Apparently during a comedy routine back in the day, the reality star said a black man looked like an orangutan.

She says:

“You know, he’s 6’2. 220 pounds. Black. He’d make a great orangutan.”

While Claudia’s supporters don’t see the issue since she was doing standup at the time and it was meant as a joke, others are furious because it once again shows that the reality star may just be a huge hypocrite.

Check out the footage which was obtained by Straight from the A below:


  1. I told y’all she wasn’t sh-t. She is no better than NeNe but thought she could play the victim card like Kenya has for the last three seasons.

  2. I’m actually more appalled that a couple of people in the audience actually laughed at this. This woman is not funny, she’s color struck.

  3. I ain’t surprised at all and that’s the real Claudia in all those videos that exposed her. The real you will always surface now watch her issue another BS apology. No matter how many apologies she issues people are going to realize that’s just who she is.

  4. She’s trash. Even if this was a joke, why are her jokes always about dark skinned people? She clearly isn’t here for people darker than her.

  5. This is what happens when you try to play victim. It’s time for everyone on RHOA to own their messiness. None of them are innocent.

  6. Claudia should have stayed under whatever boulder she was resting. She came on doing to much, her bestie,(madea bootie) should have schooled her on how to at least be low key for a minute. This dirt just keeps coming and will get more intense in the worst way. They’re constantly coming for the original queen and her peeps ain’t having it. Stop Claudia before we find out all your skeletons, the closest will open up and all the bones about to fall out. Lol…nmymartinvoice

  7. Like I said before, the tea was flowing long before Claudia was in the running for RHOA. The only reason people hype her up and make excuses for her wrongs is because she is against NeNe. Rather than gain fame on her merits, she’s using her “beefs” on the show to gain popularity. Bravo needs to quit shopping in the discount section and get women who fit the actual mold of the show. Maybe then I’ll start watching again.

  8. Claudia is the type to hang around black women just to feel better about herself. She probably thinks she looks better than Kenya because Kenya is dark skinned. Phony heifer.

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