Claudia Jordan Gets Booed at Recent Event?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We honestly believe RHOA newbie Claudia Jordan may end up having the toughest first season in the reality show’s history because she’s been getting bombarded with angry tweets and called out on other social media platforms for old videos that don’t show her in the best light.

But if that’s not enough, it appears NeNe Leakes’ own fans are on the attack too because they reportedly banded together to boo her at a recent event in Atlanta after Claudia allegedly said some not so nice things about NeNe to the audience.

Wetpaint Entertainment writes:

Eyewitnesses reveal that, on Saturday, January 17, Claudia attended an event at Atlanta’s Museum Bar, where she took it upon herself to remind fans of her never-ending problems with NeNe.

A fan informed NeNe via Twitter that Claudia was talking trash about her, leading her to be booed by the crowd at the event, information NeNe happily relayed to her fans.

It’s clear that NeNe is plenty appreciative of her fans’ ongoing support in her battle against Claudia, gushing, “I love my gays & I’m glad u guys represented 4 me last nite without me even being there! Big hugs & fabulous kisses! #thethirstisreal.”


    1. Because unlike the stans of “She Who Shall Not Be Named”, they appreciate a hard-working woman who doesn’t knife other females in the back, then run and play victim! Does that help?

    2. Why does Kenya have fans? Better yet, why does Kenya have grown a-s fans calling themselves Team Twirl and Team Pretty?

  1. Good I can’t stand Claudia I hope they booed her a-s until she left the event. I just find it so funny she claims Nene is such a bad person but yet in still you trying to use her name for your benefit and it backfired.

  2. I hope she gets booed at every event! Karma for exposing the world to them busted, claw-daddy feet of hers! If I were her, I’d fix my toes before I EVAH try to clown Nene about her wigs. FOH!

  3. Well ATL is Nene’s hometown. It probably wasn’t best to try to trash her in her own city when you’re not even from there.

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