Boobie Gibson Says He’s Working Things out with Keyshia Cole?

Photo Credit: Rolling Out Magazine
Photo Credit: Rolling Out Magazine

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night a sneak peek of Keyshia Cole’s new reality show premiered on BET, and on “All In,” it’s expected that fans will see up close and personal her troubled marriage to Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

Keyshia claimed last year that she’s done and plans to file for divorce soon but the papers were never filed even though she’s allegedly dating Cash Money Records CEO Birdman.

Maybe Boobie didn’t get the memo because he told his followers that he’s actually working things out with Keyshia and that’s why he agreed to do the show:

daniel instagram

daniel instagram 2


  1. The show was boring. And it’s trifling how Keyshia uses her family for ratings but wants nothing to do with them when she isn’t filming.

  2. He’s not being honest with himself. Keyshia is a Libra. And when a Lbira is done with you, they are done. He should move on and be the best father he can be to his son.

  3. He doesn’t want to accept that she’s done. You could tell by the preview they showed last night that he wants to work it out but Keyshia doesn’t.

  4. I’m not sure how delusional HE is… but if I were her I’d take him up on repairing my marriage after seeing the dude I got locked up over queening with a nappy headed cretin who polishes his nails and calls other men “bae.” She hasn’t moved on if she’s with Birdman. That’s regression like a mf…

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