NeNe Leakes Threatens to Sue Kenya Moore?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore have made no secret out of the fact that they can’t stand each other, and both continue to feud over who is the one true queen of the hit reality show.

Since neither are strangers to verbal jabs and low blows, it’s pretty shocking that NeNe would send Kenya a cease and desist letter for slander.

Kenya posted what she claims is a copy of a cease and desist letter sent by NeNe’s attorney to Instagram last night:

kenya moore instagram

kenya moore instagram 2

After the letter went viral, NeNe tweeted the following:

nene twitter

Now we have to admit the letter looks very suspect. Not only is an attorney’s signature missing on the document, but so is NeNe’s full name. However, the website is real and the firm itself appears to be real. It’s also important to note that Kenya told fans on Twitter that this isn’t the first time she’s received a cease and desist letter from NeNe and reportedly Claudia Jordan received one as well.

We’ll have to see how all of this plays out.


  1. It looks fake to me but if it is real how is this any different from Kenya pressing charges against Porsha? Let me sit down and wait for Kenya’s stans to give me some stupid reason on how it’s different. I know they will.

    1. Kenya was assaulted. She should have pressed charges. This is not the same thing. Nene has said much worse about people and no one tried to sue her.

      1. Kenya needed to be beat down. She started the sh*t and therefore, she got less of what she really deserved. Had she done that to me, I would have as the older people would have said it…Mop the floor with her.

      2. Oh please. Y’all are just mad NeNe thought of it first. Had Kenya sent Nene the letter first y’all would be praising her for it. So transparent, all of you.

      3. How do you know that no one has tried to sue Nene? Because she doesn’t post every time she has to go to the toilet on IG like Kenya? *rolls eyes*

      4. Well around the time of the reunion y’all Kenya stans said she let Porsha assault her because she’s so smart and was playing chess, did it so Porsha would be fired…etc. LOL what happened? Y’all change up the lie when need be huh?

  2. I have to admit I thought the letter was suspect to since it didn’t say “Lenethia Leakes”. But if it is true, good for Nene! Reportedly, Kenya has been calling her “bipolar” which can damage a person’s reputation. This is how rich b-tches do it Kenya..with lawyers, not fists.

  3. I think this is for Kenya and Claudia writing in their Bravo blogs about Nene getting with Gregg while he was married. I don’t know if that’s even true but when I read it in their blogs I had a strange feeling she would sic a lawyer on them for it.

  4. And what’s the problem? Kenya runs her mouth all the time and the best way to take her down is in court. I’m sick of her. Like literally SICK of her. And she’s not above using the law to do her dirty work either. She had no problem pressing charges on Porsha. So shut up and deal Kenya.

  5. It’s real. The law firm is located in Atlanta. The lawyers are Phaedra’s so that is why it’s sketchy looking. They are low level attorneys who wouldn’t know how to prepare a proper C&D if their lives depended on it. Very much like Phaedra.

    1. How much did Kenya pay you to spread that lie? Phaedra is a managing partner at The Parks Group. The law firm that sent that cease & desist to Kenya is The Secret Firm, and unless you can produce receipts showing their affiliation with Phaedra (which I could not find in all my extensive research), I call BULL SH-T!!! Y’all Kenya stans are the worst, for real!

      1. Omg please calm down. I meant the lawyers NeNe hired are Phaedra like, meaning they are sketchy. I didn’t mean NeNe’s using the same lawyers as Phaedra. Sheesh.

        1. First of all, please don’t ever tell me to calm down! I brought my receipts…you didn’t! That’s on you for looking stupid! I could give a rat’s a-s what you MEANT to say. I’m going off what you DID say! Which was that the “…lawyers are Phaedra’s!” This blog isn’t read by dummies – we do our research. If you’re going to come and post, come correct, or your comments will be called out. It’s that simple!

          I see why you love Kenya so damn much. Wasn’t she backtracking like a mutha yesterday too over what she MEANT to say to Trump?

          1. What? I said what I meant. I said the lawyers are Phaedras. Phaedra is a sketchy lawyer….they are sketchy…they are Phaedras. Even V understood what I said and responded accordingly. But argue with yourself. You dislike me because I like Kenya so I won’t waste my time going back and forth with you. Have a good day.

          2. Good for V…I’m not her/him, and I didn’t get it! So sue me!!!

            I don’t dislike you, I think you have very questionable taste in idols, but that’s on you! You have a good day too!

          3. @Im Sayin Aww sis when did you start being so sensitive on here? You know nobody dislikes you on here, even if you do stan for Kim and Kenya. Relax. We love you. But we have to drag your faves and you will deal. LOL.

    2. Are you serious? Phaedra went to one of the top law schools in the country – UGA. Y’all stay trying to discredit people’s accomplishments but make a huge deal out of Kenya’s mediocre resume. You would think Kenya did Broadway, stopped world hunger, went to law school and was a multimillionaire business owner the way y’all stan for her. She has one of the least impressive resumes on the show but I’m sleep.

  6. I guess Kenya is trying to make Nene look bad by posting this but what she fails to realize is the only people upset about this are her and her stans. Everyone is sees how crazy she is. And now that she’s on Apprentice, it will now be proven that she can’t get along with any woman of color. She has some deep issues.

      1. For now. As soon as any of them become a threat to her “queendom,” she will attack them like a rabid fool. You can count on it.

      2. They are friends out of convenience and they all have several common enemies. I think the saying is “an enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine.” Let’s see how long it last.

  7. Nene sent a “cease and desist” last year because of Kenya telling blogs Nene was high at that pillow talk fiasco. I dont know what was said on the Bravo blog but if the remarks were defamatory I don’t blame NeNe for this. Kenya fans need not worry, she can still continue to use old and played out jokes like “wig” “moose” and “beast.”

    Claudia should refrain from hypocritical emotions. She sent a “cease and desist” to Michelle Brown recently regarding her “stolen” laptop.

    1. You are so right, and I totally forgot about Clawdia’s cease & desist to Michelle. She and Kenya are so damn hypocritical!

      1. I still watch but I can admit it is more negative than usual now. And it’s draining to see people pick sides and all this Team This and Team That stuff is lame too.

  8. Chile bye. Kenya sent Funky Dineva a cease and desist and Claudia just sent one to a few blogs herself. Sit all the way down Ashy.

  9. Something about this just feels off. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a Kenya stunt maybe, maybe not but lets not act like she isn’t above doing stuff like this. I was just telling someone if Claudia, Kenya, and Cynthia ain’t talking about Porsha, Phaedra, and especially Nene they have nothing to talk about. Last episode proved that it was so boring featuring them.

  10. Is this another PR stunt? Kenya does the absolute most to stay relevant. How sad that she went from Miss USA to reign this pathetic.

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