Erica Mena Hurls Racist Insults at Promoters?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop New York” star Erica Mena is known for her mouth and oftentimes it’s the reason why she doesn’t get along with most of her costars.

However, now she’s reportedly at odds with party promoters because they claim she did not meet the obligations she agreed to, but she’s also being accused of hurling racist insults their way as well.

Celeb Gozzip writes:

The promoter reached out to us and gave us their side of the story and it is jarring!
(This information was submitted, and we cannot verify the validity of these statements.)

Traci says she is an avid Love and Hip Hop fan, and she regularly promotes parties at clubs in the Cleveland, Oh area, and she is a well-known promoter. Traci contacted Erica’s management after deciding to book her for a party she was promoting on Friday, Jan 23, 2015.

After discussing the stipulations of the contract with Erica’s people, a contract was signed, and a portion of the fee was exchanged between the two parties. Traci also sent money to purchase two air line tickets, one for Erica, and the other for her manager, to fly from Newark, NJ to Cleveland. The flight was to leave at 8:28 pm.
Not only did they book Erica for the Bank nightclub appearance, but they arranged for Erica to get paid to appear at a restaurant and have dinner, and also appear on Z 107.9

Traci says she purchased 62 radio slots on Z 107.9, blocking out time for Erica to be interviewed and also paid for commercials promoting Erica’s presence in Cleveland, and her appearance at Bank nightclub later that night.

Traci also hired a driver for Erica, renting an SL 550, hair and make up artists, as well as food to be readily available in the room for her to eat when she arrived. Keep in mind, on top of paying for everything I’ve mentioned so far, Traci also had to purchase a hotel room for Erica, a room for Erica to get hair and make up done, as well as a room for herself, to get ready in, because the venue was literally around the corner.

Traci says, Erica’s manager stated they would book the tickets for Erica and give them the flight information. When they received the flight info, they gave it to the driver they rented for Erica, but the driver informed Traci that for some reason, they were not able to verify the flight information they received from Erica’s manager. Traci’s driver arrived at the airport 1 hour early because of this, and waited for Erica but she never showed.

Traci and her people began nervously calling and texting Erica’s manager, and when they finally were able to reach them, they informed her they had arrived from Los Angeles at 6 pm and were at the mall. This is odd because Traci claims she agreed to pay for 2 round trip tickets leaving from Newark, NJ, not Los Angeles, and the flight was to arrive at 8:45 pm

Anyhoo, Traci states it was 10 pm, hair and make up were waiting for Erica, and she finally arrived sometime after 10pm. Traci says she politely greeted Erica despite the circumstances, because she had invested so much already and just wanted to get Erica downstairs to the party.

At 10:45 Traci says she checked on Erica, and Erica and her manager would not let Traci in, but Erica’s manager cracked the hotel room door and Traci says she could smell marijuana. At that point, Erica’s manager informed her Erica was still not ready.

At 11 pm Traci says she checked on Erica once again and was informed Erica was still not ready, and then Erica informed her she would be doing her own hair and make up and declined the use of Traci’s make up and hair staff, but requested lashes from them, after hair and make up had been waiting for an hour.

At 11:45 Traci checks on Erica once again, and she was still not ready, but informed Traci she just had to put on her dress ( Erica had arrived in the bubble coat and biggie T, and jeans you saw in the video, and asked Traci to give her 5 more minutes, and she’d meet her at the club, which again was around the corner.

Traci says the club is filled with at least 800 people, and Erica is nowhere to be found so she begins texting her manager again, and its now 1 am. Remember, Erica was contracted to be at the club from 12 am until 2 am.

At 1:10 am Erica texts them and informs them she is outside in the car, and is not coming inside until she is paid an additional $275 dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. Traci’s sister, goes to the car to pay Erica, and claims Erica was in a rage, yelling, and cursing, and making her demands for the money, advising she would not come inside until she received it.Traci’s sister gives Erica the money, and goes back inside the club to wait for Erica.

Traci says its 1:50 am at this point, and she then starts receiving more text messages from Erica, who is still in the parking lot saying she now wants $1,000 dollars or she is not coming inside. Traci says she was a nervous wreck, and her reputation as a promoter was on the line, so once again she gave into Erica’s demands, and Traci’s sister went outside to hand Erica the money. Now this is where things get cray cray. Traci’s sister claims when she went outside and approached the car, as SOON, I repeat, AS SOON as the money entered Erica’s hand the driver hits the gas throttle, and the car takes off!!!!! I’ll let you pause and let that sink in.

At this point Erica has received $1775 in cash. Traci frantically starts trying to contact the driver that she paid for through a transportation company, to try to find out what’s going on. The club closes at 2 am, and at this point people are leaving and she had to start giving refunds to a good portion of the club goers that had arrived to see Erica Mena.

They finally get a hold of the driver who informs them he was instructed to pull off, and he claimed Erica instructed him to take her to the hood because she wanted to quote “shoot her 1 and 2” unquote, saying she wanted to get high.

Traci arrives back at the hotel and says staff informed her that they overheard Erica saying ” I don’t like working with these black monkeys” saying, ” I don’t usually do business with these black monkeys.”

But Traci took it with a grain of salt, because she wasn’t sure if the staff was just trying to stir up more drama.

Traci says Erica then arrived at the hotel and starts making the racial slurs directly to her, and her staff’s face, calling them “black, broke, monkeys” and “f*cking monkeys.

Traci says they then pulled out their phones and began video taping her, and that is when Erica changed her demeanor, but Traci says the police officers witnessed Erica’s racial tirade.


Now this isn’t the first time Erica has allegedly used some racially insensitive language.

Regardless, Erica hasn’t responded to the accusations as of yet, so we’re labeling this as gossip for now. Check out footage of Erica arguing with the promoters below (in the video, she can’t be heard using the racist insults):


  1. And nobody should be surprised. A lot of latina women feel this way about black people. Even though white people hate them too, they still think they are better than us.

    1. And that’s what I will never understand. All the minorities should be working together because we’re all mistreated by the majority race.

    2. Then what is she going to do with the African Blood that run through her and everyone of their veins. This chick is one of the lowest of the lowest. Uneducated and ignorant. Screwing every Black man she can find and probably women too. Her mom made an appearance and I can see why she is the way she is. The woman looked as if she has had a rough live. When you bring your broke but from a third world country and grow up in the projects I guess compared to where you came from you think you are from the Ritz. Mona perpetuates that Bullsh-t, look at who she hires for that show. Mostly all light skinned Latinos. If she could get away with doing it in Atlanta she would do it there to. She has also done it in LA. That illiterate Trick Erica has a Coke habit and when that show is over, she will be back turning tricks, and broke. If she don’t like Black people last time I checked Bow Wow was Black. I don’t see what he wants with her.

  2. Why would anyone book her for anything though? I think we’ve made a huge mistake in overvaluing these reality stars. They have no talent, no true purpose but they really think they are special now.

  3. F-ck her. She’s probably f-cked every black man in New York. The nerve of her to have her nose stuck in the air when her p-ssy is deteriorating by the second.

  4. Smh. She needs help. I don’t care how mad she got, it’s never ok to refer to black people as monkeys when we are the ones supporting your trashy show and keeping your bills paid. I am so glad I don’t watch any of this crap anymore. A lot of these reality stars are ignorant and don’t even care about black people.

  5. I’m so glad she’s leaving LHHNY after this season. I don’t care what anyone says. Erica ruined the show. Mona kept trying to make her the star but Chrissy was and will always be the star of that show. They should have never pissed her off because no one can fill her shoes.

  6. F-ck this b-tch it’s funny she talking down about black people but I bet she wouldn’t mind sucking a black d-ck. I hope Joie is paying attention don’t you have this b-tch around your daughter.

  7. Why is pretty always wasted on rachet folks like Erica? I swear, shes got the ugliest constitution! But I’m more mad at the Kenyas and Claudias of the world who see nothing wrong with calling black and women monkeys, and apes. When we disrespect our own, nobody else is going to care about doing the same.

  8. The problem is that all these people feel comfortable calling black people monkeys and etc. But yet majority of us still watch these shows. Mona being a black woman should kick her off immediately, but she won’t. Other races will never respect us because we allow disrespect. If some one black or any other race says it we just turn a blind eye, but if someone white says it we get mad. Nobody should be allowed to talk disrespectful.

  9. *Traci* Where are the text messages?! Let’s solidify the allegations at hand here. Also, I have not watched this garbage in YEARS, and I will continue the trend of not watching, because this hoodr*t. Someone must have called her a ‘WHITE’ Hispanic by mistake, because her hair and skintone is a tell-tell sign of African ancestry; poor Erica she’s a Monkey too. Now Wow, if you’re dating this fool then I feel bad for your daughter and all of the racial slurs that will be hurled her way while creating your daughter’ slow self-esteem. Good luck with that MOUTH.

    1. *Traci* Where are the text messages?! Let’s solidify the allegations at hand here. I have not watched this garbage in YEARS, and I will continue the trend of not watching, because of this hoodr*t. Someone must have called her a ‘WHITE’ Hispanic by mistake, because her hair and skintone is a tell-tell sign of African ancestry; poor Erica she’s a Monkey too. Bow Wow, if you’re dating this fool then I feel bad for your daughter, and all of the racial slurs that will be hurled her way while creating your daughter’s low self-esteem. Good luck with that MOUTH.

  10. She can’t say anything about us cause her a-s looks like a Dam Mammal 🤪 🤣 bet you she want f-ck with us she’ll get her tore the f-ck up and meant that…🤪

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