Claudia Jordan Calls RHOA Cast Mates Monkeys & Gorillas

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Claudia Jordan was under fire a couple of weeks ago because a video of her calling a black man a monkey went viral just a day or so after video of her making insensitive jokes about dark-skinned people made round on the blogs, and she apologized for being offensive.

But it appears Claudia may be right back to her offensive self.

Apparently in a cut scene from a recent episode, Claudia referred to her RHOA foes as monkeys and gorillas.

When discussing how classy they think Cynthia is in comparison to NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams, Claudia says:

“There’s no need to act like a gorilla in the mist (Kenya and Cynthia erupt into laughter)…I’m just saying it’s not hot. I’m just saying you’re a beautiful model. Why would you act like a gorilla? Circus…monkeys…gorillas.”

Check out the video below. The comment starts around the :56 mark.


  1. So people come together to boycott Sorority Sisters but no one is going to boycott this bullsh-t when we have black women on TV calling each other monkeys, apes and ghetto beasts? Someone please explain that to me.

    1. They don’t mind it because they are saying this about Nene and Phaedra. People hate Nene that much that they will county to give Claudia’s racist a-s a pass. She has made it clear several times she is not here for black women. She thinks she’s better than them period. And as soon as Kenya gives her enough ammo, she will throw Kenya under the bus so she can be the new queen. She did the same thing to Omarosa.

    2. I have been trying to get a boycott started. People on Twitter have ageed but everyone doesn’t follow through and circulates it. She needs to be off ROA and RSMS!

      1. You have to get your petition promoted by the blogs. Email UB and other sites. People can’t sign a petition they don’t know about.

    3. I feel you, however I didn’t like that show because I have 2 kids that pledged and they took it serious. They went through some sh-t that was positive and negative but they weren’t playing. Whatever its about it should have stayed with the organization, you don’t see skulls and bones showing what goes on with them. And on top of that they were the wrong people to do it. ! is active 1 isn’t only on when she wants to. But they take pride in it. I don’t know what they are. It’s the Blue and White not the Kappas. Have 5 nephews of them. But they do a lot in our communities, now that they aren’t in school.

  2. As long as people can develop fake self esteem by stanning for Kenya and calling themselves Team Pretty, Claudia will continue to talk like this. The crazy thing is she’s not even black. She’s biracial and continues to talk down to black women. But she will keep her peach just like Kenya holds on to hers despite how nasty they speak about black women.

  3. This was so unnecessary. Now if Nene and them called them monkeys they would be on Twitter crying and petition to get them fired. The double standards are real.

  4. She is terrible. Why does she keep calling black people apes and monkeys? Did her mom mess her up that bad? She needs therapy.

  5. I can’t really say I’m surprised after all those videos started surfacing I knew what was up with her. Keep in mind this is the same chick who was crying about how kids made fun of her for being half black but yet you call black women all kinds of degrading names so easily.

  6. It’s time for Claudia to go. And I’m disgusted Kenya and Cynthia sat there and laughed like it was the funniest thing they have ever heard.

  7. We all know Cynthia would lick Claudia’crusty, deformed toes to keep her spot on the show. But Kenya hates other women, so this just regular conversation for her. SMDH!

  8. Kenya and her ignorant stans will make an excuse for this like they did when she called a black man a gorilla and made fun of dark skinned people. Claudia is pure trash. She needs to be boycotted and kicked off the show. And Kenya needs to stop calling these black women ghetto beasts and calling Donald Trump’s wack family the First Family when we have the Obamas in office. I don’t know what else they have to do or say before black people get it. They don’t like their blackness.

    1. Ok well Kenya looked like a mammy doll in that video and acted like a mammy on Apprentice when she called Donald Trump’s family the first family. Fair? I mean if you’re going to be ignorant, I figured I’d join you and keep your lonely a-s company on here.

      1. I see your point but let’s not call Kenya a mammy doll. I’m a dark skinned woman and I’m offended you even typed that. I guess that was the point though, huh?

    2. Let us see what u look like Twirl…? I imagine since ur up Kenyas azzzz, u favor her rectum… yo bootie breath is destroying UB…

    3. The next time a white person calls you or someone else black a monkey, gorilla or an ape…don’t even fix your face to say anything.

      1. You are replying to the wrong 1… obviously ur ok with twirl or u r twirl, either way, its b.s. if calling anther black woman a beast doesn’t bother u, but mammal doll do, then u got serious issues yourself. Don’t forget it’s always the man in the mirror.

          1. I apologize, I’m glad I didn’t get disrespectful… I still feel bad about it though. xoxo

            Don’t get it twisted twirl, this is for Yeah I said it…

          2. @ julyol1972, I’m trying to not be the resident hot head on UB anymore. I’m going to pass the title to Ms. Jackson because she goes in way harder than I ever could. LOL.

  9. I think we all have to be a little mad at ourselves for continuing to support this show at this point. Really why are we still watching? Honestly if a white person would have said the things Claudia and Kenya have been saying about NeNe and Phaedra, then we would have been protesting in every state and signing petitions. We need to stop giving black people a pass to be racist towards us. Yes, self hate is just as destructive as a racist white person. We have to do better and stop giving Bravo ratings.

    1. ITA! I actually tweeted Andy Cohen (not that he’d ever respond) last night and asked him why Claudia isn’t on WWHL explaining herself like he did with Nene when she made thr “Queen” comment to Brandon. It seems he was more up in arms about that than all the racist stuff Clawfoot and Kenya have been saying.

  10. I have never watched this show a day in my life (and I plan to keep it that way), but this only gives racists ammunition to continue to degrade us and call us animals. The first thing they will say is, “But y’all call each other monkeys and gorillas so why can’t we call you that too?” Y’all know how it goes.

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