Don’t Come for Gabrielle Union’s Husband

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Newlyweds Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have made it clear multiple times that they ride for each other and D Wade was also slapped with a hefty fine from the NBA recently after he gave some people the bird for saying some nasty things about his wife during a game.

Well Gabby is making it known she will ride just as hard for her man too.

The other day Charles Barkley said he couldn’t understand why Wade made the All Stars roster this time around, and Gabby wasn’t having it.

She tweets:

gabrielle union twitter


  1. First off all Gabby needs to sit all the way down. I can’t stand Charles Barkley but he is absolutely right Wade should not have made the all star team he has been hurt, missed a bunch of games girl bye. She gets on my nerves thinking she knows every damn thing somebody said it on here and they were right every time she opens her mouth she just irritates me. Charles got her a-s though and said she shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Meryl Streep Bloop! And he was right girl stick to your D-list roles cause she don’t shit about basketball.

  2. But he told the truth. Wade hasn’t had a great season and Kyle Korver from the Hawks should have taken D Wade’s spot. And why does she even have time to respond in the first place?

    1. Thank you!!! Finally somebody who knows sports this ain’t no lifetime achievement award it is for the year and Wade ain’t had that good of a year because he has been in and out of the line up with injuries. Hell he hurt right now and probably won’t play in the all star game anyway so she needs to shut the hell up. I can always count on you sis with the sports knowledge.

    2. I’m watching the Hawks now…NASTY. You damn skippy Kyle should have went in D Wade’s place. Let the new players who deserve it shine.

  3. Girl shut the f-ck up. Her whole life revolves around her break baby creating husband but she stresses in interviews how much of a career she has outside of him.

  4. Gabrielle stand by your man…. I don’t care if he is injured 9 not. he was picked and others were not. I hope he comes off the bench and tears their a-ses up and makes everyone eat their s#!T. I am team GWade.

  5. Yet she still hasn’t said a word about he’s side baby, as talkative and Twitter pressed as she is. Interesting.

  6. He got picked because he’s popular, not because he deserved it. There are players out here who are more impressive right now. Especially on that damn Atlanta team.

  7. His outside child has nothing to do with his skills…. that side chick is just that a THOT, who seen a paycheck. Like I said I am Team GWade, Gabrielle I got ya’ll back. I love to see ya’ll do the damn thang.

  8. F-ck D Wade. He’s been sorry as f-ck this season and his skills are deteriorating. It’s all about those Hawks and the Cavs.

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