Charles Barkley Takes Shots at Gabrielle Union’s Acting Career

Photo Credit: Coco Fab TV/YouTube
Photo Credit: Coco Fab TV/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day newlywed Gabrielle Union got ticked off and threw some shade at Charles Barkley because he revealed recently that he felt Dwyane Wade didn’t deserve to be picked for the All Stars team this year.

Gabby decided to point out that Charles has no championship rings and can’t speak on the subject, so now he’s clapping back at the actress’ acting career.

On “Inside the NBA,” he says:

“Don’t ever mention you and Meryl Streep in the same sentence. Meryl Streep would never be on Snakes on a Plane or Madea.”

When Charles was told Gabby was not in “Snakes on a Plane,” he then says:

“Well she could have been. I’ve seen her act. She could be on Snakes on a Plane or Madea.

“I’m not one of those people that’s gonna turn the other cheek. You say something bad about me and I’m gonna say something bad about you.”


Charles then goes on to say Gabby is just “pretty.” Check out the video below:


  1. I have no problem with him clowning her acting skills. I understand taking up for her husband but she made herself look very stupid. I can’t stand Charles Barkley but he is one of the greatest power forwards to ever play in the NBA he is more than qualified to have a credible basketball opinion. Having rings solely doesn’t make you more qualified Robert Horry has 7 does that make him more qualified than Karl Malone no it doesn’t. She really needs to be quiet because she obviously knows nothing about basketball. Charles is better at his profession than she has been at acting she questioned his professional resume and he clowned her professional resume oh well.

    1. Charles is a big mouth that don’t have a ring . Rings do set you apart just ask him. That will always be a problem. But he is ignorant and he is an embarrassment to black men. He is so irritating. Who made him a commentator REALLY GO AWAY

  2. My thing is he never said D Wade was a bad player, nor did he say Wade is overrated. He only said that THIS SEASON he felt like there were more deserving players that should have been chosen. She overreacted.

  3. It backfired on her because she thought since majority of black folks don’t like him they are going to be behind her and support her comment. Fail! We don’t like him but the guy wasn’t lying.

  4. Oh Gabby, you just had to go and open up that mouth of yours and irritate the sh-t out of me and Charles….and I dont even like his a-s!

  5. All though I don’t really care for Charles Barkley the person but as a man he will speak his mine and that is what set’s him apart from everyone else cause he will cut you no slack,now as for Gabby,I have seen her movies and they are not all that good she is a character actress as far as I am concerned the parts that she play are suited for her to fill a void in movie.

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