K Michelle Backtracks?

k michelle and bobby maze back together
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle and Bobby Maze get back together? K Michelle’s romance with Bobby Maze has been so up and down that it’s hard to keep up with their status as a couple on a weekly basis, and the other day she even took to Instagram to slam her on and off again boo.

In the process of slamming Maze, K also revealed she felt the relationship was just way too toxic and it was “fake.”

Welp, apparently things are all good again.

Blogger The Shade Room obtained a recent photo of the twosome getting cozy:

k michelle and bobby maze


  1. Ugh! This what happens when you suck too many damn fat cells from the important parts of your body….you make stupid-a-s decisions on a daily. Idiot!!!!

  2. She just said the relationship wasn’t healthy. So why does she keep dealing with him? She could use the time she keeps wasting on him to work on herself so she can stop being attracted to the wrong men. Smh.

  3. K doesn’t know what she wants to do. But at some point in her life she needs to learn being single isn’t the worst thing in the world. I would rather be alone than in a bad relationship.

  4. Ain’t nobody surprised. I have said it over and over she is the real problem until she addresses her own issues this cycle will continue for her.

  5. She is doing this on purpose. I said awhile back that they were never broken up, and I will say it again. It is called keeping people so confused that they will give up with thinking they know her and her true business. They are supposed to be engaged and have been for a while now. I am sure we will see it all play out on her show.

    1. LOL. If that’s true, it’s a stupid PR move. This makes her look mentally and emotionally unstable, as well as ignorant when it comes to relationships. I mean she just called this man out for being a deadbeat father. But seeing that this picture was put out there, I’d say she does this more so to keep folks talking. Whatever makes her happy I guess.

      1. The characteristics you describe are what people already say about her, so no matter what she does they are going to paint it in a negative light. Listen K. Michelle is a very smart women, a psychology major, and knows how to work the media. Just remember there is no such thing as bad media in the entertainment business. As long as people are checking/gossiping about her…she has done her job. She don’t care what people think about her on a personal level as long as you say that girl sure can sing and I like her show..Remember the girl has a rebellious spirit/mind.

        1. Sorry, I work in PR and I know firsthand that there is a such thing as bad media/publicity. Keyshia Cole took the same route K is taking now, and look at where she is now. This isn’t a strategy for longterm success, and I say that as someone who loves Kimberly’s music. But it’s cool. We will just have to agree to disagree. Have a great day.

          1. I understand what you are saying, but Keyshia Cole didn’t have the strong music or personality. K. Michelle fans are loyal. It is not the main publications that are painting K. Michelle in a bad light. They are a couple of gossip columns that stay gunning to make her look bad. I don’t agree with every decision she has made, but I do believe she will not harm her career she is fighting for. You have to remember it is not just music with K. She has a reality fan base, a film career, branding, etc. K was not introduced to us as being perfect…and she has drastically calmed her sports down, but her personality wins people over if they give her a chance. But like I said, I understand your concerns.

    2. I think you’re right, she does do this for the attention. But does she not realize what constant attention seeking for relevance means? Eventually you have to step it up with every publicity stunt to keep people from getting bored. How far is K willing to go? Look at Kim K and her fam…they are so desperate to hang on to their reality show that they have Bruce out here pretending to transition into a woman. That’s the thing with stunts. You have to keep them coming or people lose interest because they come to expect it from you.

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