NeNe Leakes’ Lawyer Tells Kenya Moore to Lawyer up, NeNe Defends Sending Cease & Desist Letters

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Kenya Moore took to her Instagram account to reveal NeNe Leakes sent her a cease and desist letter, but we weren’t so sure if the legal document was legit.

Well it appears the letter is real and NeNe’s lawyers are telling Kenya to lawyer up if she’s confused on how to write non-defamatory Bravo blogs.

NeNe’s attorney tells the NY Daily News:

“If any future post, directed as Ms. Leakes, are defamatory, aggressive legal action will result. If Ms. Moore has any doubts about what constitutes defamation, she should seek legal advice before posting on the blog.”

Interestingly enough, Friday morning NeNe stopped by Atlanta radio station V-103 to discuss the legal drama and she not only confirmed she had her lawyer send the letters to Kenya and Claudia but she said she felt she had to.

She says:

“It’s legal so I can’t go into details like that. I will say that I did send them out.

“We are on a reality show where we do throw shade, where we do talk about each other, where we do fling mud. But when it becomes malicious, when it becomes evil, when it becomes a whole lot of bashing to the point where you are crossing the line, that is where I draw the line.

“Now I don’t mind throwing shade, but when it becomes very, very malicious, that’s enough.”

“I sent one to Claudia and Kenya. And believe me, I mean everything that I’m saying.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. Like I said, NeNe outsmarted them and Kenya and her a-s scratchers are just mad she didn’t think to do this first.

    1. That’s not true. It’s just Nene has said some malicious things herself and no one has tried to sue her. She should be thankful. But knowing Kenya, she won’t take this lying down. I expect her to send a letter too and this will get very messy,

      1. Oh I want Kenya to send NeNe a cease and desist letter. I love it when she keeps proving herself to be a hypocrite.

    2. I agree!!! Kenya is not above sending a cease and desist herself. She’s sent several to bloggers just because she didn’t like what they were saying about her. Claudia too. They should have saved those letters and sent one to NeNe first. LOL.

  2. Nene is such a hypocritical coward. She got on national television and called Claudia a whore with no receipts. So should Claudia sue her too?

    1. Claudia is a whore who slept with Tom Joyner and broke up his marriage. That is a well known fact! She also got drunk in Las Vegas, and married an intoxicated man who was already in a relationship. She didn’t tell him about the marriage till 2 months later, he and immediately had it annulled. Sorry Boo, boo…but that’s whorish behavior. I’m surprised only her clit left her body!

  3. I don’t know, can this get NeNe fired? I would think it would be in the contract that suing is not allowed.

  4. Well didn’t Kenya say Nene was bipolar, on cocaine and got with Gregg while he was married? And calling her moose and ghetto beast was a bit much as well. So I don’t see the problem with her getting her together with a lawyer.

  5. I like Nene but this is ridiculous even I have to admit this. Everybody talks about everybody not this big of a deal for legal action.

  6. Nobody is calling Kenya or Clawfoot out for all the racist names they’ve been thrown at the cast all season. And now that they’re accusing Nene of having an affair with Greg, I think it’s time someone holds them accountable. I’ll be interested to see if Andy is more bothered by Nene’s “Queen” remark last season which he kept harping on at the reunion. Or whether he’ll make those two answer for their remarks about black people. My feeling though is that the former was more important to him.

  7. But Kenya pressed charges on Porsha and sent cease and desist letters to bloggers. Why is it a problem when NeNe does the same?

    1. So calling someone’s weave ugly and comparing it to ramen noodles is a read now? Claudia’s clap backs were juvenile and the same trash people tweet Nene on a daily basis. I bet she memorized every word of it. No wonder Andy and all the producers gave Claudia a peach. They knew y’all would rate mediocrity high. I mean that’s what y’all did with Kenya.

  8. Whenever I read stories about conflicts between celebrities, I wonder how much is real and how much is done for publicity. Especially when it comes to reality TV stars we seem to hear more about scandals and feuds. I guess it is providing work for some lawyers, I hope they can figure this out without being too nasty to each other.

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