Toya Wright Confirms Marriage Problems Stem from K Michelle Situation

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Toya Wright and Memphitz confirmed weeks ago their marriage is on the rocks and they are currently separated.

However, Toya is now addressing just what caused their issues and she claims Memphitz’s court battle with K Michelle and the domestic abuse accusations played a huge role in their demise.

She tells Necole B*tchie:

I mean, what is going on with my husband, like I said when I spoke on it, is bigger than me. Mickey has been going through something for the last few years since the whole lawsuit thing against his ex [K. Michelle] and Viacom and it really took a toll on him and it caused him to be a different person. So I think that, going through all of those things, and having all of that stress and the world looking at you one way as a ‘woman beater’ and person that steals someone’s money. It’s hard for you to get back into your industry when you had a career and not a [just] job and somebody defames your character. I mean, it’s a lot to deal with day to day.

And I watched it. I went through it with him for three years. And I’ve been to counseling with him and all types of things so he can get back strong. It’s a lot for him that’s on him and choosing to live our marriage publicly. Everybody has an opinion and when somebody has the bigger platform to share their story and the other person doesn’t, it kind of gets one-sided.

And for him- I always get upset when he reacts out of anger on social media because I know that’s not really him and that it’s coming from a bitter, angry place because the world has turned him into that person, constantly accusing him of doing this and doing that and he’s constantly struggling to get back to what he had.


Toya also confirmed that they were invited on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” while K was on the show, but Toya talked Memphitz out of doing the show because she felt interacting with K Michelle would be disastrous.


  1. Memphitz got black balled because he beats women and steals money. Point.blank.period. That has nothing to do with K, and everything to do with the type of man he is.

    1. Thank you. Toya is talking like receipts ain’t out here already on her shady husband. He married her for a come up but now he’s mad that K blew up bigger than he thought she would.

  2. So she’s really going to blame K Michelle for this? I mean K tried to tell her that man is crazy but she didn’t want to believe it. Now she sees he’s crazy but she’s blaming K Michelle for his craziness. LOL. I guess.

  3. It’s not K. Michelle’s fault. There’s info out here about him that proves he has issues. Didn’t he have to get a loan to buy Toya’s ring too? There were red flags in the beginning Toya chose to ignore.

    1. He actually emailed several people in the business begging for money to buy Toya’s engagement ring. He’s always been a loser.

  4. Toya sounds so stupid Memphitz problems are his and Kmichelle is not to blame. Mona so full of sh-t so she really tried to invite someone’s abuser on the show.

  5. LOL at her blaming this sh-t on K. Michelle. How many more times does he have to show her he’s crazy before it sinks in?

  6. Instead of worrying about K, she needs to worry about her brother putting all her sh-t on front on IG. Trying to say he’s on drugs so no one will believe didn’t work Tonya, now everyone knows the real tea!

  7. What she really means to say is her and Memphitz are having problems because she knows he still has some feelings for K being that he’s always f-ckin with her on Instagram. She said it, she gets upset when he goes on social media and acts a damn fool because he’s angry and bitter K made it without his a-s. If he’s moved on from K and is happy with Toya, why still be bothering this girl?! That’s the real reason she mad other than the fact she now knows his trifling a$$ is a confessed woman beater. Where her buddy Rasheeda at now with all that mouf?!

  8. I’m pretty sure there were other issues besides the K Michelle stuff. Toya needs to just admit this man wasn’t who she thought he was.

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