Gabrielle Union Once Again Explains why She’s Thankful She Didn’t Get ‘Scandal’ Role

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

BET has found plenty of success with Gabrielle Union’s show “Being Mary Jane,” but the actress has always made it clear she would have never gotten the lead role if she didn’t get passed up for “Scandal.”

Gabby is back to dishing on why she’s thankful she didn’t get Kerry Washington’s role and she tells the Huffington Post:

“I don’t want to play perfect characters that are wholesome role models and everything to everyone and have all the right answers and who can get out of a terrorist cell with their bra (laughs).”


In a recent episode of “Scandal,” Olivia Pope actually escapes a terrorist cell by making good use of her bra.


  1. l wish this hating-a-s b-tch, would just shut the f-ck up already! She hated on Kerry during that sit down with Oprah when she admitted she was a mean girl who didn’t appreciate other black actresses getting roles that she wanted. Now all of a sudden she wants to hate on the role of Olivia Pope as being “wholesome?” How the hell is it wholesome to be having an affair with the President?

    I told y’all this b-tch opens her mouth, and it grates my nerves…case in f-cking point!

  2. Yeah she’s still salty she didn’t get Kerry’s role. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t keep doing this in her interviews. Let it go Gabby.

  3. She always has to throw in a jab about Scandal/ Kerry. Gabrielle is that chick who says she wishes you well but really doesn’t. True definition of a two faced chick.

    1. always gotta side eye anybody who has to say they wish u well..if they did they wouldnt have to convince you or themself [sic] lol

  4. I see someone is still pissed she couldn’t do better than BET! At least “Olivia Pope” is a character. “Mary Jane” is Gabby’s true character; a home-wrecking ho!

  5. I’m thankful she didn’t get the part too. She’s not a very good actress. BET productions are best for her.

  6. Damn she is a jealous hating a$$ troll…like how many times is she gonna bring up “Scandal”??? I don’t watch either show but I personally like Kerry Washington….I liked all the characters in the movies she’s played. Gabby keeps playing the same character in every movie or maybe it’s not playing cuz she really is a BISH!!! And I use to like her once a upon a time ago smh

  7. Gabrielle Union is such a liar. U mad cuz they ain’t pick you for Scandal. U right u would rather be on BET than ABC…them checks ain’t the same. Sit down

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