Cynthia Bailey Defends Sleeping with Peter Thomas on the First Date

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas’ marriage was tested when Cynthia has a serious health scare in the form of fibroids, and her desire to not get intimate made Peter consider stepping out on his model wife.

However, the couple is back on great terms, and Cynthia dropped a little gem about the foundation of the romance.

According to Cynthia, she actually slept with Peter on their first date.

She tells the ladies of “The Real”:

“I had just turned 40. And I was feeling all 40 and  I could do whatever I want. And I met Peter. I actually gave it up to Peter on the first date. I don’t normally do it but I had a feeling he was going to ask to marry me shortly after we did it.”

Check out the video below:


  1. Well things may have worked out for her, but it’s risky for a woman to sleep with a man she sees as marriage material. Not all men are mature enough to understand sex on the first date doesn’t make a woman unworthy of marriage.

    1. You’re married sis, so let me ask you this. Is this something you would do if you were still single and did you? I’m all for women doing what we want with our own bodies but I just don’t think this is smart. Especially since you don’t really see how a person really is until like six months in.

      1. No and no. Sleeping with someone on the first date has never been my cup of tea. I mean it took me a few years to even give my husband a chance. He was in the friend zone for four years. LOL. But anyway, I wouldn’t do it because I really need to know someone and make sure it’s something worthy of my time before I take it to that level. But I don’t have a problem with women who feel differently. To some of us, sex is just sex. And that’s cool…for them.

        1. Ok so you were smart enough not to rush into sex when you were single and now you’re married. That’s not a coincidence. Pay attention ladies.

          1. *blank stare* I’m sure there’s numerous factors that played into Queen getting married. LOL.

    2. I hear you but wouldn’t mature people wait to get to know someone before having sex with them? And I’m talking about men AND women.

  2. I just can’t do it. For me I just need to make sure I really know someone before I go there with them. Sex is so intimate and sacred to me. But to each its own.

  3. Women giving it up on the first date shouldn’t be a big deal in 2015. But this goes to show you that not all men judge women who do. There’s men out here who couldn’t care less how early you give it up. But there will always be some who will shame you for it.

  4. Well that’s her and her c–ch all I know is me and my c–ch ain’t with that. I’m like Monica I can’t get down on the first night.That’s just me but everybody is different.

  5. Peter got that swag though. I met him at a club last year and had the urge to give him my panties too. Judge me all you want, I’m just keeping it 100.

    1. LOL. So why did one of my girls say the same thing when she saw him in Charlotte? She couldn’t figure out if he was flirting with her or just naturally a charmer. I don’t see what y’all see.

  6. Eh, I’m all for a woman doing whatever she feels in that moment. But I don’t feel Cynthia has anything to brag about. Peter is a dog who’ll cheat on her at the drop of a hat. She better watch Clawdia and her money – not necessarily in that order.

  7. I only did that once and the crazy thing is me and the guy ended up getting in a relationship not too long after. So I guess it wasn’t a one night stand. I wouldn’t do it now though. Anyway, Cynthia is so gorgeous.

  8. The only time sex becomes an issue on the first date is when the man starts treating the women like shyt or if the women starts catching feelings for a dude that could care less about her. I don’t see anything wrong because they ended up married but it’s not good for a women to fawk someone on a first date because we catch feelings fast while the men usually keep it moving.

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