Lil Wayne Tweets Photo of Him & Lauren London’s Son?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lauren London caught lots of criticism for having a baby with Lil Wayne, and as a result of the constant criticism and public scrutiny, the actress decided she would keep their child out of the spotlight by any means necessary.

Their son has never been seen by the public so we’re confused as to why Lil Wayne possibly tweeted a photo of the child moments ago.

He tweeted this photo and many suspect this is his son with Lauren:

lil wayne lauren london son

The rapper has deleted the photo from his Twitter account.


  1. I have to give it to Lauren she kept him hidden for a long time. But him soo cute he look just like Wayne but definitely a cuter version.

    1. He’s probably tired of hiding him. I follow him and he is always posting photos of his other kids. I get where Lauren is coming from but I think she was too extreme. You can’t hide the child forever and why would you need to? It’s not that serious.

  2. So, I guess he does know how to tweet after all Christina, if he had wanted to really claim your a-s, he couldve!

  3. I knew he would be adorable. I can’t stand Lil Wayne, but he has some beautiful kids and seems like he’s a good father.

  4. Finally, a classy group. So tired of ppl ripping celebrity kids….he is cute and I love that the comments are kind! ♡

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