Keyshia Cole & Daniel Gibson Back On?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia and Daniel back together? We already told you it was starting to look like Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson were in the process of attempting to make their marriage work, and both Daniel and Keyshia admitted they are no longer sold on divorce as an option.

Daniel even told his followers on Instagram that they are working things out, and last night at the premiere party for Keyshia’s new reality show not only did they arrive together, but they acted very much like a couple.

Blogger The Shade Room writes:

Keyshia Cole hosted a VIP premiere screening for her show “All In”
at the Music Hall in Beverly Hills Monday night. Manny, Tamala Jones, Jennifer Williams of BBW, Faith Evans & More came out to support.

We showed up to the event and the first thing we noticed was that Booby (her estranged husband) and Keyshia Cole arrived together. Anybody looking at them could see that they are working things out. They were attached at the hip the whole night. Laughing and everything.

It was kind of awkward watching the show while Booby was there because she did talk about their issues in their relationship on the show. In fact, half of the episode was about her lack of trust for him because of his infidelity. Even still, they had mad chemistry.

daniel instagram
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  1. Well makes sense since they didn’t officially file for divorce. Hopefully they will get some good counseling too.

  2. I ain’t surprised I knew after she kept prolonging the divorce she would eventually take him back. She acted like she was so hurt and she was done with him but that was only to try to sell her flop album.

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