Tamar Braxton Still Being Petty with K Michelle?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and daytime talk show star Tamar Braxton’s career is still taking off thanks to her successful role on “The Real” and the impressive ratings could open up even more opportunities. However, despite her career going well, Tamar still reportedly feels the need to be petty with K Michelle on Twitter.

Last night BET Honors aired, and when K Michelle took the stage to perform for a room full of music legends, Tamar seemingly decided to be shady, but later told followers she wasn’t trying to be messy (read tweets from top to bottom):

tamar tweets


  1. She’s still on this? And I’m laughing at her needing to throw Aretha Franklin into this to feel better about herself. My goodness grow up Tamar.

  2. She was being shady, cuz it was the exact same time K was set to go on. Tamar can’t handle the fact that K is slaying right now. She really needs to grow up!

  3. Tamar is very talented but it irks me how childish she acts sometimes. And there’s no need because both her and K are doing very well for themselves.

      1. That and the fact that K said she can’t sing live (and she couldn’t at the time). I just don’t understand why she won’t stop trying to shade because we all know K can embarrass her again.

  4. Typical Tamar throw shade and act innocent. But when Kmichelle come out with guns blazing and snatch the few hairs she has left from her edges then K is the bad person.

  5. This muppet is so crazy she knows she is about to be replaced on her little daytime show and her little music ain’t doing well at all. Tamar needs to be herself who ever that is cause she is so fake and she is a big hater. K is shining and the muppet is not.

  6. Tamar is a very miserable person. She does not like to see other women doing good but she loves to pretend she’s the one with haters.

  7. If Tamar thinks you’re even just a little bit more successful than her, she will shade you. She’s so bitter it’s ridiculous.

  8. Pls nobody worried about fish box and if u idiots read the tweet she was talking about her diet. Haters!!! Tamar stays booked to capacity. K.Michelle wish she was on the level Tamar was on

    1. What the hell are you talking about out of 22 comments your saying we are all stupid? Sit your punk a-s down somewhere. The muppet ain’t doing s-it her little song she did with Future didn’t sell sh-t (flop)and she is going to be replaced on that ratchet daytime show and she may as well shut down that clothing line cause it ain’t making no kind of money. K is touring making good music and it’s selling. K has a reality show just like the muppet and K is going to be in a movie that is coming out at the end of the year. Tamar has 3 reality shows cause none of them ain’t making no money. K has her edges and she can and is working with A list producers nobody in the industry will work with the muppet. K don’t have a 400 pound husband, owe the IRS, and look like miss piggy. Do you hear of anybody suing K for stealing vocals hell no but the muppet paid an out of court settlement for stealing other peoples sh-t. So all that stuff you talking about K wish she was on the muppett’s level no she don’t and if the muppet is so booked why is she on social media all the time. Get your a-s off this site and tell plastic face to have a seat.

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