Todd Tucker Blames Lackluster Bedroom Life on Kandi Wearing Bonnets

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss’ marriage has already hit a rough patch and they haven’t even made it to the one year mark.

On the upcoming episode, Kandi tells Todd they need counseling and she’s not happy they don’t have sex more than once a week.

Todd says:

“I can’t believe Kandi wants me to go to marriage counseling. I know things in the bedroom have been a little tough for me and Kandi, but is it that extreme?”

Kandi says her issues with Todd are a lack of sex and they aren’t doing well with their joint businesses. That’s when Todd asks Kandi if they are okay financially and Kandi proceeds to tell him that she’s good but can’t speak for him.

Kandi then says in the confessional:

“I don’t know why Todd is bringing up finances. ‘A Mother’s Love’ didn’t do we wanted it to do, but it’s not like we’re hurting in our pockets around here.”

Todd tells Kandi:

“Let’s be real. I’m not Tyson Beckford and you’re not Rihanna. When’s the last time you didn’t have the bonnet on and you put some heels on?”

Kandi reminds him she had the bonnet on her head while they were dating, and it wasn’t a problem.

Todd says in a confessional:

“Man have you seen a lady at night with a bonnet on? The most thirstiest dude wouldn’t get it up!”

Check out the preview below:


  1. No real man turns down a-s because of a bonnet. The moment I see a n-pple, a nice a-s…nice looking body parts…I’m ready to go. Plus most straight dudes prefer a woman when she has no make up on and she’s just chilling in sweats. Todd must not really be attracted to her.

    1. You read my mind. It does sound like he isn’t really attracted to her and needs her to put on makeup to have some sort of attraction to her. Very sad.

  2. Tuh! I wear a bonnet every night & all day if I ain’t going nowhere (Gotta keep these locs right, lol). My man doesn’t complain one bit. Of course the bonnet does come off once the action beings. Lbs

      1. He really doesn’t care. I’m natural and my hair has reached my waistline because of bonnets and other things I do nightly to take care of it. I also don’t wear makeup very much, unless it’s date night. So he’s used to me in my comfortable state and he’s still attracted to me when I’m not glamourous. Every woman needs a man who is attracted to her when she’s not “on.” Poor Kandi.

  3. My bonnet is my life saver. It keeps my hair moisturized and I’m really trying to let it grow out healthy. So I sleep with it every night, and my boo thang doesn’t seem to care at all. I guess some men are different but I would think every couple should get to the point where they can let their guard down and be themselves.

  4. If I can’t be around you with no makeup and I have to stay dolled up when I see you, that’s not a real relationship to me. When you have been with someone for a while, they should understand you weren’t born with makeup and great hair. Sheesh.

  5. Once the excuses start then we’ve got problems. Nothing on God’s green earth will stop a man from going in if he really wants it. That includes bonnets, doo rags, head scarfs, whatever!

  6. Bullsh-t. My dude beat the kitty up last night while my damn bonnet was on. He gives not one f-cks what’s on my head when he’s trying to smash. Is Todd gay?

  7. Ok now I have been taking up for Todd all throughout the Mama Joyce thing but now I’m starting to think she was right. Why can’t Kandi tie her head up at night and still be worthy of intimacy? He doesn’t sound like he really loves her. I feel bad for Kandi now. She deserves better.

  8. But I bet he would have a bigger problem if Kandi’s hair was all over her head when they were out together so he needs to respect the bonnet. Also Todd is very immature it is very unreasonable for your woman to look like a sex kitten all the time. Does he really think that the models, singers don’t sleep with pj’s and bonnets sometimes smh.

  9. Whatever dude! Only time I don’t wear a bonnet is the week I get my hair done. It’s something bigger than the bonnet.. I hope they reveal it.

  10. I read people damn well and honestly I don’t think he’s necessarily trying to put the blame on the bonnet, but he is definitely taking shots and blaming her for the lack of bedroom action. That in itself is a red flag. But hey. At least she has her line of bedroom toys. Put them to use girl.

  11. Man this reminds me of a conversation I just had with my bestie. She was complaining about how her man expects her to be in lingerie every time he comes over looking flawless. I asked her if she was like that when they first started dating and she said yes. So here’s the thing. When you try to be flawless and glamorous when you first start dating someone and don’t feel comfortable enough to show the natural side of yourself, your partner is going to think the glamorous you is who you really are. When I date someone and we reach that two month mark, I show them that I love to be chill and comfortable too. So when they do see me in sweats and a scarf, it isn’t a shocker or something they resent. Todd may not really be used to Kandi with a bonnet on even though she says she did it while they dated. In due time, that could change and he may no longer care.

  12. They’re married so they bonnet thing shouldn’t be a huge deal. Yes, she should spice it up for him sometimes, but ordinarily married people should be able to get it in without all the extras. Just saying.

    1. Well that’s hard to do when you only married someone for superficial reasons like money. Todd doesn’t love Kandi.

  13. Todd and men like him are the same ones who fat shame you after you have a baby. They say well we don’t have sex anymore because you stopped taking care of yourself like you’re supposed to lose all the baby weight in two weeks.

    1. Kandi’s ego will not allow her to believe a man would not find her attractive in bed no matter what she wore. Frankly, Todd is at fault because he convinced a woman that he was in love, she is beautiful and then married that person.

  14. This man turned me off the minute he lusted over Porsha in one of the episode. I think it was a sit down with the men of RHOA. It’s one thing for an engaged man to give out a compliment but there are limits on how far that compliment can go! I doubt he is that physically attracted to Kandi when she is not glammed up!

  15. I think te bonnet is an excuse for the real reason he is not willing o give. Maybe Mama Joyce was on to something. Maybe Todd is cheating. Something is definitely wrong. The bonnet has nothing to do with it and is just an excuse

  16. In other words, he’s not attracted to her when she doesn’t have her hair done and makeup slapped on her face.

  17. Now see this is why I don’t get why people make fun of Kenya for being single. I’d rather be single than marry some bum dude who thinks I need to look perfect all the time. TBH I don’t even think he’s attracted to her period. He really wants Porsha.

  18. I still say the disrespect from her and mama joyce has him feeling this way. It aint about no damn bonnet. Your spouse starts looking at you in a whole different light once you start letting family and friends disrespect them and you have nothing to say. At least I did with my ex. That type of sh*t can turn someone off you real quick. How many times has Todd called her weak in regard to that. Smdh.

  19. I don’t wrap my hair or when a bonnet because it’s naturally curly but when I straighten it I wear a shower cap in the shower and my man has not problem joining me lol. I don’t wear make up and I walk around the house in T-shirts. So, if a man can’t find you attractive in that state. He never will.

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