K Michelle Confirms Good News + Says She’s Done with Tamar

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Tamar Braxton decided to shade K Michelle when she took the stage at the BET Honors, and even though Tamar denied being messy, some suspected K Michelle would respond and be even messier.

But the response never happened and instead K decided to tell her fans during a recent performance that she’s done responding to Tamar’s constant shade throwing:

“They’re a struggling soul and a struggling face…I won’t be addressing it again. I’m putting it to rest and you’re going to keep on attacking, keep on attacking but I’ma keep stacking. So I wish everyone the best of luck. It’s enough for everybody to sing, right? It’s enough.”

In related news, K also confirmed VH1 has picked up yet another one of her shows. She posted the following to Instagram hours ago:

k michelle instagram

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  1. Good for her, for doing big things. Now she really needs to pay Tamar dust, and keep making that coin. “Struggle face” was funny though! Lol!

  2. I’ve had my issues with K in the past, but I am so proud of her. So many good things are happening for her. I hope that continues to be the case.

        1. How are you calling K a flop when Tamar can’t even go gold? Tamar’s name is nowhere to be found in the RIAA directory. She sold over 100k the first week but never went gold. That means her sales plummeted fast after the release. So you need to chill. #HumbleYourself

          1. Thank you. Tamar’s fans talk like she’s selling Rihanna and Beyonce’s numbers. Her and K are on the same level sales wise. So you can’t shade on without shading the other.

        2. She had millions of views evry week n she was the highest selling female r&b singer of 2014, so how is she a flop. Tay-muppet is the flop wit dat 2yrs old a-s album.

  3. Tamar looks dumb as hell still being petty about something that happened like 3 years ago. You’re on a talk show and making coins. Why are you so mad?

  4. I don’t know why K. has the audacity to talk about anyone’s face when she looks like a donkey. Hee-haw!!

    1. Sorry but the plastic face muppet looks like Miss Piggy, Wendy Williams, a drag Queen and a horse. K looks way better than the muppet. Struggle Face damn I wish I had said that first. Tamar’ little song with Future was a flop, The muppet is a one hit wonder. The fact that Tamar is on social media proves she has nothing major going on in her miserable ugly life. Have a seat Struggle Face.

    2. Tamar go and get your husband on a diet so he can be around for his son then go and find a good doctor to fix your plastic face and stop trying to sing like your sister Toni and stop copying Beyoncé cause your video’s look like Beyoncé on a budget. You wish you could be on B’s level, never going to happen cause Beyoncé has a great body and she has a pretty face that she was born with not by getting work done on it. Beyoncé don’t even know you. K has more fans than you. Cause you need to be going after the doctor who messed up your face. K is younger then your a-s and you are 39 years old and still not a superstar and been trying for years to get on top and still can’t sell music and we all know cause you said it from your own mouth that you slept with lots men before Vince and you were passed around the A like a joint. You don’t even know who you are cause your so fake. So no you don’t win K does cause people like her. Can you say the same.

  5. if she were staying positive and removing negativity from her life she wouldn’t have responded, let alone called another woman “struggle face.”
    also vh1 doesn’t do positive. ..they specialize in messy tv, so i highly doubt she’s changing her ways.

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