Amid Rumored Reconciliation, Keyshia Cole Puts Daniel on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Keyshia Cole almost gave up on her marriage to Daniel Gibson and was close to filing divorce papers last year, but the R&B singer never did the deed. However, she ended her romance with Birdman and it’s been speculated that Daniel and Keyshia are currently working out their problems and giving their marriage another chance.

However, Keyshia is blasting Daniel on social media again and she posted scandalous text messages he sent another woman. So he’s right back in the dog house:

keyshia instagram
keyshia instagram 2

As a result of the text messages, Keyshia claims she’s now moving forward to put the failed marriage behind her:

keyshia instagram 3
keyshia instagram 4


  1. And this is why you never take back a cheating a-s man. But she needs to blame herself as well because she should have been pulled the plug on the marriage. We will see if she is serious this time because come Monday morning she should be filing for divorce.

  2. Really? He hasn’t changed at all then. Oh well. If Keyshia doesn’t file those papers now, she’s naive.

  3. LOL she really put all her business out there. Girl just file the papers and move on. You can’t say you’re done and still don’t file for divorce.

  4. For f-ck’s sake, just file the f-cking papers and shut the f-ck up already. She can’t be too mad because Boobie showed her he wasn’t sh-t and she still took her sweet time with filing those papers. She was twerking for Birdman and still didn’t file. She needs to be mad at herself.

  5. Welp. Time to really cut him off. He’s one of those dudes that thinks being a real man means sleeping around. He’s very immature and she needs to move on.

  6. Boobie gets women from his looks alone because judging by these text messages not only is he stupid, but his game is very weak. “She was just trying to intimidate you.” “It’s an energy in you I like.” “Keep it tight.” LOL what?

  7. So Keyshia was at his shoot, and he was texting some girl there trying to smash, but ole girl had enough respect to pull Keyshia to the side and give her the real. Much respect to that young woman. She did the right thing.

  8. Boobie had a lot of people fooled. I think she put this up because she wanted people to see she wasn’t the reason their marriage failed. Some people did blame her for everything.

  9. He is just one of those guys who look good on the outside. I knew he was not shyt when those cheating started smh

  10. They’re both immature and need to call it off And she needs counseling. This really didn’t need to be on social media she clearly could’ve completed the divorce and just moved on, the public doesnt require a intro to your actions. Jeesh

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