Gabrielle Union Slams the NBA

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Last night James Harden kicked LeBron James in the groin as a result of LeBron trying to take the ball away, and Harden was never asked to leave the game despite LeBron’s annoyance.

While some even called for Harden to be suspended for the behavior, the Houston Rockets player seemingly got off the hook for the whole ordeal as the NBA didn’t appear to have any plans to hold him responsible.

Interestingly enough, Gabrielle Union was fired up about it since her hubby D Wade was recently fined for giving some nasty fans the middle finger for making terrible jokes about Gabby and he was suspended late last year for hitting Ramon Sessions in the groin.

She tweets (read from bottom to top):

gabrielle union twitter 2gabrielle union twitter

We’re not sure if Gabby’s tweets had any impact on the NBA’s stance, but sources are now reporting that Harden will be suspended for one game as a result of kicking LeBron in his jewels.


    1. Agreed. She talks absolutely to much for no reason. I assumed her husband can defend himself and he has lawyers to come to his defense when necessary. If God could have her focus more on her acting then annoying the hell out of people with her opinions via twitter. Gabby please shut up.

  1. While she has a point, she also needs to sit down because D Wade has gotten away with plenty of illegal hits.

  2. And what exactly is writing all that on Twitter gonna do for Petty and SourHead??? Nothin!!!! Tryna act gangsta Like she can’t get her a$$ whooped in real life #girlbye

  3. Was James Harden wrong yes he deserved a fine but a suspension is a bit much. Lebron was hovering all over him and the refs act like they didn’t want to call a jump ball or a foul and let’s not talk the shady sh-t Lebron does but that’s another story for another day. But let me get this b-tch Gabrielle together first got so much to say but won’t say 2 words about her husband’s “break baby” won’t even acknowledge the child. Girl shut the hell up maybe if she spent more time focused on her career instead of basketball she would be in some quality movies and tv shows. After 15+ years of acting still taking d-list roles never nominated for awards or nothing but trying to be an basketball expert. Priorities boo!

  4. People are out here letting Twitter f-ck them up. She’s going to develop a reputation as the wag with the biggest mouth. That road won’t be fun to travel. Tread lightly boo.

  5. Wait, why she gonna front like she got some street in her? B, you never been about that life…stop playing. Quit twitter-thugging and go read some scripts, see if you can get some better parts. Foolishness!

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