Keyshia Cole Isn’t Done with Daniel Yet

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Although Keyshia Cole and her estranged hubby Daniel Gibson recently decided to give their marriage another shot, in the end things didn’t work out because Keyshia caught Daniel trying to get with another woman via text messages.

Keyshia blasted him for it on Instagram recently, and now it appears she isn’t done putting him on blast just yet.

She posted the following hours ago:


  1. Isn’t he out the league now? It seems like he’s just throwing the little money he has left away in the clubs.

  2. Ok so she has all this proof that he’s not mature enough to stay married to so why hasn’t she filed for divorce? I don’t understand her.

  3. But she still ain’t filed for divorce yet though. Keyshia talking about Daniel is so redundant now. She is so upset with him that she is actually hurting their child in the long run because one day their son is going to read this and question why his dad wasn’t there for him. Do better Keyshia Coleslaw!

  4. This is pointless. He doesn’t seem to care that she’s basting him. It’s not going to change him any, so why not make the divorce official? Anyway, Keyshia probably hasn’t filed because deep down inside she still wants to be with him.

  5. Damn Keisha……..u run all yo n-ggas off huh………bye Felicia lmfao……’s not them it’s you b-tch ijs

  6. Keisha………your family needs counseling not a f-ckin reality show……. No one is checkin for u no more man let it go……pun intended lol

  7. She looks like such a clown for this. Did she really think everyone was going to keep playing along while she drummed sympathy ratings for that show? B-tch please!

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