Memphitz Compares K Michelle Situation to Solange & Jay Z’s ‘ElevatorGate’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Toya Wright claimed in interviews that her marriage to Memphitz suffered greatly because of the domestic violence accusations made by K Michelle, and Memphitz is still giving interviews in an attempt to convince people that he didn’t get violent with the R&B singer.

When asked if there was any physical confrontation that went down between them, Memphitz tells Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI that she called him and threaten to tell people he hit her:

“K Michelle called me and told me when she found out I was getting married she was like, ‘Oh you think that’s the kind of b*tch I am? You just gon’ get married? You think you gon’ just break up with me? We only been broken up two months.’

“She was like, ‘I’m just gon’ tell people you hit me then.

“You remember the Jay Z and Solange video tape? That’s what happened.”

He claims he broke up with K in a hotel and she punched him in the chest. But he claims he never returned the violence.

Memphitz also says while he and Toya are still separated, he hopes they can reconcile when he gets his “pockets” right.

Listen to the interview below:


  1. In the words of Jay-Z “we don’t believe you, you need more people”. He just needs to shut up because I don’t believe a word he is saying.

  2. Actually he can’t compare it to #ElevatorGate because he has no proof and neither does she. There’s proof that Solange whooped Jay Z’s a-s. Neither one of them have receipts so they just need to stop talking about it.

    1. Actually K does have proof. The proof is Memphitz cousin, who was the first on the scene. I guess he thought the cousin was going to lie for him in court but in turn collaborated most of what K said took place in the room between K and Memphitz. Memphitz told the cousin what happened the story pretty much matches whatever K has been saying happened to her over the yrs.

  3. His engagement to Toya wasn’t that soon after his relationship with K was it? I paid these people very little attention but it seems like his history with K happened and was over in a considerable amount of time before he got with Toya, let alone proposed to her.

    Lastly, you can tell by how K comes and goes with these other dudes she’s talking to that she did not react to him like that. I can’t stand this dude, and his actions are so telling of an abuser. I pray that she keeps winning…

  4. It’s not adding up. We’ve seen K go through at least 5 bad breakups since Memphitz, and she’s never reacted in that stalker/crazy lady way. She moves on to the next and seems to enjoy dating. Even when JR was dragging her on Twitter after they stopped dating, she still didn’t go off. I think this man is a compulsive liar.

  5. All he did was confirm he’s a loser. He basically said he had to leave Toya because he is having money problems and he can’t stand the fact that she’s more known than he is (because of Weezy), and his story about what happened with K doesn’t make any sense. If it really happened that way, why hasn’t anyone from the label backed his story? And why is his suit going to get tossed out? Exactly.

  6. He’s lying about the cops. If a man tells the cops a woman assaulted him, they will lock her up. Women get arrested and charged all the time for assaulting men. He said he told the cops and they laughed at him and walked off. That doesn’t sound believable. Especially since K is a black woman.

  7. He can talk about this until he’s blue in the face but we all saw how he crazy he acts and how often he goes after K on IG. His abusive behavior came out for all to see.

  8. Memphitz has already lossed the case… Notice he said he is trying to appeal. You only can appeal when a verdict is against you. This man seems to forget that he was in the back of a police car that night, getting ready to go to jail when K decided not to press charges. Anyways, the public will soon know all the details once the transcripts are released and everyone will know all the details.

  9. Liar. Oh and he spilled the tea on that suit. He lost and now he’s trying to appeal. So clearly he’s the liar.

  10. Memphitz is such a joke. He keeps saying K lied on him, but in court the judge felt like he was the one who wasn’t being honest. His lawsuit was tossed out and his appeal will be denied soon.

    1. Losing the suit doesn’t mean that he’s lying, only that his suit has no basis.

      Constantly changing the story and gaslighting K. Michelle on a regular basis, on the other hand, strongly suggests lying. If you read the depo, you’ll see that K’s old manager testified that Memphitz LITERALLY told him that he “beat her a–“.


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