Joseline Hernandez Says She Fakes Tough Personality for LHHATL?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you months ago that Benzino’s fiancée Althea slapped Joseline Hernandez with a lawsuit after being attacked at the reunion, and in the deposition, Joseline admits she may have been just putting a front for the reality show.

When asked if all of the show or part of LHHATL is scripted, she says:

“It’s called reality but it’s a lot of acting in the reality world. I say that because a lot of the girls that are on the show…they act. It’s a lot of acting on a reality TV show whether it’s ‘Love and Hip Hop’ or another show.”

When asked if the Joseline we see on LHHATL is the real her or her just acting, she answers:

“The reality TV show showcases a lot of what we are not. And I say that because you never know what happens on reality TV. I mean they will showcase your music, they will showcase other things. But that’s not who Joseline Hernandez is.”

You can check out the video below:


  1. By the end of season one, anyone with sense should have put two and two together. Of course LHHATL is fake. And we don’t care because it’s entertaining as hell.

  2. I said this on day one. Let Joseline run up on a real chick. She’ll get her a-s whooped. But when does it come back on? It’s the best reality show out now. Even RHOA has lost its touch.

    1. It comes back next month. I heard a whole bunch of people were fired. Rasheeda and Kirk, Tami and Waka left…etc.

  3. I do think all of them put on airs for ratings, but I think Joseline is saying this to get out of being fired and getting VH1 sued. It’s like her lawyer told her what to say.

  4. Everyone knows it’s fake though. Even Nikko admitted him and Mimi weren’t even really together and made the tape so she could have a storyline. And now he’s bringing his wife on the show so she can get paid too. Mona is pimping them out and they are pimping each other to keep getting those coins.

  5. Was this Benzino and Althea’s big plan to shut down the show? If so, they will have to come harder than this.

  6. Well this isn’t really a secret or new information. All reality shows are manufactured at this point.

  7. I think she’s lying. Yes the show is scripted but I believe that is who Joseline really is. She’s a violent hood rat but very entertaining.

  8. Ain’t it in their contracts not to talk about the show being fake? Joseline is about to mess around and get herself fired.

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