Vivica A. Fox is Furious Kenya Moore Called Her Ghetto

Photo Credit: NBC
Photo Credit: NBC

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore clashed something serious during taping for “Celebrity Apprentice,” and the actress says she’s still fed up with the reality star because she keeps calling her ghetto in her interviews.

Vivica tells Radar Online:

“The thing that kills me the most with Kenya, that she said, ‘Vivica has built her career on being ghetto…’ I beg to differ. built my career on working with Oscar winners — from Jamie Foxx, to George Clooney, to Anne Hathaway.

“My box office receipts speak for themselves. My brands speak for themselves. My resume speaks for itself.

“I haven’t build my career on being ghetto and classless. But if you need me to get ghetto and set it off on you, I will. I’m no punk. I’m not to be taken lightly.”


Vivica also says Kenya is just calling her ghetto to divert from the fact that she allegedly stole her phone.


      1. LOL. All of her WWHLs have flopped. She’s supposed to be the new queen, but outside of Team Twirl, most of us aren’t checking for her like that. And Cynthia actually got much higher ratings on WWHL. Burn.

    1. No she is just checking a trick who is fake and that’s just how you do it. If some was going around saying things like that about you, you would do the same. Nobody has to talk about Kenya cause we all know who and what she is. It was Kenya who said she is from the hood but Porsha showed us that she may have been born in the hood but one thing she can’t do is fight.

      1. Kenya can handle herself. She just wasn’t going to risk her peach for that idiot. She plays chess while Porsha is still struggling with learning how to play Go Fish. Now Porsha doesn’t have a peach. *giggles*

        1. Yea right, Kenya needs to hold on to that peach cause she has nothing else going on meanwhile Porsha is on everything and she is going to be in a movie next year with several A-List stars wait for that one, what is Kenya doing.?

      1. No stupid I don’t even know Porsha I got the information from my friend who is a producer in Cally, Don’t you be mad when the movie comes out Idiot.

  1. Viv doesn’t need to stoop to Kenya level. I mean Viv actually had real speaking roles in real movies.

  2. I really want her to stop talking about Kenya. Kenya loves all attention. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.

  3. Chile she’s just needs to let it go. The only people who support Kenya’s constant shaming of black women who see through her sh-t is her annoying stans. We see it too Vivica. Let it go boo.

  4. Aunt Viv save your breath everybody with half a brain sees right through Kenya antics. She has absolutely nothing going for herself that’s why she was on Apprentice starting ish and doing the same thing on RHOA.

  5. I think that when Vivica do interviews, she should stricken the questions regarding Kenya. Vivica’s record speaks volumes. As far as washed up, I disagree because as you get older in the industry as a lot of entertainers have, Vivica will be one that people will remember for her contributions to the industry. She may not be in the forefront so much now but she does a lot of work in the production arena and have a few business ventures she pays attention to as well. I also think that having been Ms. America/Universe (I forget) is special as well but Kenya really has nothing else under her belt except being conniving and vindictive on reality TV. Other than being pretty, she hasn’t really done anything. I want to like Kenya but she is such a sh*t stater that if we were to ever meet, I still don’t think I could be friends with her because she is just not genuine. She is not good inside. That’s my opinion.

  6. Well Kenya is ghetto too then. She’s out here stealing phones and bullhorns. I mean I’m just saying. LOL.

  7. Kenya can be such a c–n. Why is the first thing out her mouth to other black women ghetto and animal names? She’s so ignorant. You don’t get on a public platform and downgrade other black women like that. Smh.

  8. I would say both of them are washed up but Kenya never really had a career to begin with. It’s hard to call a never was washed up.

  9. Vivica is a lil ghetto now, but we all can be sometimes. And Kenya knows this cause she is more ghetto than Viv. And I would rather be called ghetto than a liar and thief which Kenya is.

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