Kenya Says NeNe Has No Storyline & Blames Her for RHOA Cast Division

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has been a very divided one, with most of the housewives dividing themselves into teams.

Kandi Burruss claims she isn’t interested in choosing a team, and in the end, attempting to be neutral has tarnished her friendship with Phaedra Parks while Phaedra has teamed up with Porsha Williams and NeNe Leakes.

Interestingly enough, Kenya Moore seems to think NeNe is the one to blame for the division.

Regarding NeNe’s suggesting for group therapy, she writes the following in her Bravo blog:

I thought it was a joke coming from her. I was particularly offended when I wasn’t invited but somehow blamed for having the most issues with the women. Nice try NoNo! Historically speaking, NeNe has been the common denominator when it comes to dissension amongst us. She has also ruined every single friendship she has had dating back to Marlo, Cynthia, and myself (to name a few). Sorry, I forgot — now she claims we were never friends… Dust!


Kenya also told her fans on Twitter that the real issue is NeNe has no storyline this season:

kenya twitter


  1. Who has less of a storyline line than Kenya this season? Even Clawfoot has her corns to worry about. Kenya is like an addendum at this point!

  2. Honestly Kenya is the one who came in and changed the show for the worse. She can put it on NeNe if she wants, but anyone who’s been watching since season one knows that she’s the real problem. RHOA will never be the same. It’s just ratchet now.

  3. Kenya is clearly trolling because ain’t nobody except for Claudia are struggling more than her with a storyline. That’s why she is starting so much sh-t. The reason why it’s so much division is because you have people like Claudia, Kenya, and Cynthia with no storylines having to create storylines by beefing with other cast. Kandi,Nene,Phaedra & Porsha the woman with no peach can stand alone with storylines aside from the other cast members. It’s so obvious what’s going on with RHOA.

  4. Kenya just told the truth. But to be honest, I think everyone is lacking a storyline this season except Phaedra and Kandi.

  5. Funny that Kenya would say Nene has no storyline when she doesn’t either other than beefing with Phaedra & Nene. They are her story line.

    1. I hate Kenya low down dirty back stabbing no story line having ass. If Kandi and nene and porsha and phaedra can have a real chick on RHOA at least be married their rating would go up. Team old RHOA minus the dusty ashy feet Kenya and Claudia and Cynthia. If only Cynthia know how bad she look when were watching the show. A hot miserable mess. Real dummy yellow bus as hoe. They just allow Cynthia to be as dumb as she look to get information,lies , rumors from.RHOA need to upgrade. CYNTHIA ,CLAUDIA, and KENYA need to be fired ASAP if they want to save their brand.

  6. Yeah but Kenya is the most toxic person of the whole group. Everything she touches, she destroys. She couldn’t even go on Apprentice without causing a whole bunch of mess. She really can’t even see that she’s worse than Nene honestly.

  7. So Kenya wants us to believe that the whole textgate situation didn’t happen? Nene caused the conflict between Kenya and Porsha? Porsha and Claudia? Kenya and Kandi? Kenya and Mel? Apollo and Kenya? And the list goes on. Kenya probably caught wind of that Funky Dineva video calling her the worst addition to the show and is now doing damage control.

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