Is Claudia Jordan’s Radio Job in Trouble?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Claudia Jordan moved to Atlanta because she got a gig on the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” after fan favorite Ebony Steele got the boot, but now sources claim Claudia may meet the same fate soon.

Talking With Tami writes:

If you remember on last weeks episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was telling her co-worker Gary With The Tea that she really wanted to be funny on the show and not taken so serious. She loves to laugh, joke and be funny but I don’t think that Rickey has any room on the show for two comedians, yikes! You saw on the reality show that she tried her hand at comedy but failed miserably…sigh.

I think that because she wants to be more funnier on the radio show, Rickey is not having any parts of it and he just wants her to sit there and be pretty but have no brain. I think this is what’s making a lot of tension between the two of them. I have heard for years that Rickey Smiley is a VERY difficult person to work with and I have even had a run-in with him a few years back and it spilled over to twitter. That’s another blog posts though but my source has went on to tell me that when they are at the studio and everyone is eating, Claudia goes into another room to eat because she is not allowed to be in the same room with him. He is also trying his best to find a way to fire her and get her out of that contract. This is all alleged but my source is pretty darn spot on and in the industry, chile! Story developing. xoxo


Not a peep from Claudia yet, so we’re labeling this as gossip for now.


  1. Well she would just call me an ape because I’m a black woman who doesn’t care for her so I couldn’t give a sh-t either way.

  2. Of course he doesn’t like Claudia. She’s not willing to sleep with him to keep her job like Porsha does. But like I said, I don’t stan for her because she can’t go a week without calling black people monkeys. Good luck with that girl.

    1. Why do y’all think Porsha is such a hoe when there are no receipts? Yet y’all actually witnessed Kenya flirting with a married man and asking him to include her in a threesome, and y’all still swear Kenya is wholesome. Y’all are such weirdos.

        1. How so? Last time I checked Porsha has a few checks coming in. RHOA, Dish Nation, her tshirts and hair line. So she can buy her own bags and car. But wasn’t it Kenya who said the Bentley was a gift from some imaginary dude? But that was ok though, right?

          1. I don’t understand why y’all are defending Porsha so hard still. She’s not even a full-time housewife anymore. *cackles*

      1. WHORESHA’S thot activities aren’t a secret. Keep acting like y’all don’t know what she’s doing out in these streets.

    2. *blank stare* Y’all will never forgive Porsha for literally taking Kenya by her hair and dragging her across the floor like a rag doll. LOL.

        1. Well Kenya does have still have her peach but she sure did have to do the most to hold on to it. Like take a verbal and physical dragging at the reunion. Flirt with married men. And pay men to date her. If she had any self worth, she would have left the show after her first season. But don’t mind me. Continue to stan.

    3. Why do y’all always project Kenya’s lack of morals onto everybody else? She partially begged Apollo to sleep with her, and she’s on record, with photos of her dating a married man. Call her on that sh-t, and leave Porsha alone.

      1. She begged Apollo to sleep with her? Girl I doubt she had to beg Apollo for anything. She got more attention from Apollo than his own wife. *giggles*

        1. Finally you admit she was trying to sleep with Apollo, a women with class would not even be talking to a married so I guess that makes Kenya a whore.

          1. You’re getting desperate now. And let’s be real. If Kenya wanted to sleep with Apollo, she could have. He’s more into her than his own wife.

  3. Rickey is an a-shole. The way he did Ebony is unforgivable. But with that said, Claudia isn’t even doing a good job. She’s a bore. I prefer Porsha because she has a bubbly and funny personality that comes naturally. She just fits in better.

  4. Maybe word of the petition out there asking them to fire her from RHOA got back to him. Either way, I hope Clawfoot’s a-s gets the boot. She not funny, she’s just a racist wannabe comedienne with Mommy issues!

  5. And they need to fire whoever hired Claudia because she brings nothing to the table. Like seriously how did she even get this job along with RHOA job she isn’t smart,witty, or funny. I guess telling racist jokes is the only qualification now for getting a job now because that’s all she’s good for.

  6. We want Ebony back in the A!!!!!! Rickey knows he messed up by kicking Ebony off. That’s why he argues with people about it on Twitter. He knows he needs her back but his pride won’t let him do it.

  7. If he does let her go, she is going to fight tooth and nail to keep her peach. I wouldn’t be shocked if she turned on Kenya just to hold on to that Bravo money. Claudia doesn’t seem like the type to be loyal to anyone but herself.

  8. I don’t listen to Rickey anyway but I need for Claudia to disappear off RHOA. She brings nothing to the show.

  9. Meh just wake me up when she gets fired from RHOA. That’s what really needs to happen. Bish calls Nene’s wig ramen noodles and gets a damn peach for it. #weak

  10. Claudia needs to be fired from life she is RACIST and worthless trash btw her BROKE a-s needs dressing lessons bye!

  11. claudia is not a good fit on the show. Ebony was naturally funny and had her on segments like “ain’t nobody sayin nothin”….even da brat and Porsha are better than her on the morning show. Claudia said on RHOA that she wants to do shock value comedy (which tells me that she really wasn’t sorry about what she said about Tiny) but that’s not Rickey’s brand of comedy. He’s silly and family friendly. I thought it was messed up that she tried to make it sound like Rickey wouldn’t ‘let’ her be funny. That’s BS and I would fire her too.

  12. Hold up, get off Porsha… She doesn’t have to sleep with Rickey to obtain or keep a job … That’s more on Claudia’s alley (ask Tom Joyner).. and if you pick up the clues that’s Claudia’s M.O. to “sleep to keep”. Another reason why she is bothered when NeNe made a comment about her private not being attached anymore. Sad that Ebony Steele was given the boot, her comedic timing and natural chemistry with the rest of the group was effortless. ..

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