Drake Betrays Lil Wayne?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne is currently at odds with Birdman and Cash Money Records over the delay of his upcoming studio album, but according to new reports, he may have had some issues with Drake too according to a new book he’s been shopping around to publishers.

According to TMZ, Weezy learned Drake slept with his girlfriend while he was in prison.

The site reports:

TMZ has obtained a portion of the proposal Wayne has sent to various publishing houses, and his story is crazy. Wayne claims while he was serving time at Rikers Island for gun possession, Drake visited him and glibly confessed, saying, “Yeah, it’s true. Don’t f*** with her like that cause I did f*** her.”

Wayne writes, “This is the type of s*** that a man never wants to find out when he’s locked up. Or, maybe so, cause only God knows what I would have done if I wasn’t locked up right now.”

Wayne admits in the proposal he and his GF argued a lot, and that may be why Drake said, “Don’t f*** with her like that.” As for the timeline, Wayne says the woman told him she had sex with Drake the day before they met.

Wayne goes on, “I woke up feeling f***** up about the f***** up day that I had … finding out that she f***** Drake was the absolute worst thing I could’ve ever found out.”

And he says, “As a man, honestly, that s*** hurt … and not because it was Drake, it could have been any man. It would’ve hurt the same.”


    1. Because his ego got bruised. Men like him will cheat on women all the time but the second a woman plays the same game they act like they were so disrespected. Smdh

  1. I want to know who the girlfriend was. I did some digging and that who was dating who website says he was possibly messing with Nivea, Shanell, Teairra, Kat Stacks, Candace…I mean the list is long. Lol.

      1. Well it’s kind of hard for people like Lil Wayne to have their noses up in the air about messing around with easy women when they are easy themselves. Lol.

  2. These men be doing the most. If it was before they met, he’s hostile for no reason. Guess it made the book more salacious to put that part in there….sells more copies.

  3. I don’t understand why Lil Wayne would be so angry about this when he dates two or three people at the same time anyway.

  4. But this happened before they were together? Lil Wayne needs to stop it. Being all dramatic for nothing.

  5. When you hear all this stuff about Drake, you have to wonder if he’s been tested for STDs and if he’s smart enough to always wear protection. I just can’t fathom how some of these celebs are literally out here sleeping around like STDs aren’t real.

  6. Eww. So she slept with Drake one day and turned around and met Lil Wayne the next and didn’t bother to tell him? Drake had to? She sounds like a real winner. LOL.

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