Keyshia Cole Says Daniel’s Good Looks Aren’t Enough

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer and reality star Keyshia Cole tried several times to make her troubled marriage with Daniel Gibson work, but each time things resulted in social media beefs between both, and Keyshia revealed that most of their issues stem from the fact that he can’t seem to leave other women alone to focus on his marriage.

Keyshia and Daniel recently called a truce and have now decided its best to just learn how to peacefully co-parent for their sake of their son, so it’s no surprise Keyshia recently told a fan that Daniel’s good looks aren’t enough to make their marriage work:

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  1. So true but sadly a lot of people don’t understand this. Looks can get you in the door with someone, but looks won’t make a relationship lasts. It takes lot of work and obviously Daniel wasn’t willing to do the work.

  2. Daniel’s looks are part of the reason he won’t be faithful. These birds have told him he’s so cute they will sleep with him even though he’s married. So he does it. If more women turned him down because he’s married, it would change everything.

    1. Nah. Daniel is a grown man. He has the ability to think and make decisions just like everyone else. He needs to be the one to turn women down. Making it seem like it’s on the shoulders of women to ensure a married man doesn’t cheat is just another tool of sexism.

  3. True but what was she bringing to the table though? The little I did see of their marriage, she treated him like a dog on their reality show. Both of them contributed to their failed marriage.

  4. This just shows me how basic some women are. So Keyshia needs to take him back because he’s sexy? Sexiness is now the cure to STDs he can catch while he’s out here sleeping around? Ugh.

  5. Well there’s a lot of people out here who feels superficial things should be enough to make relationships and marriages work. I guess it just highlights why the divorce rate is so high.

  6. Aww I think Daniel is a cutie. But I get where Keyshia is coming from. Sex appeal isn’t enough for her to accept his poor choices.

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