Dwight Howard Sticks It to Royce Reed

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dwight Howard and Royce Reed’s beef is far from over, and many of the details have spilled out onto social media. Although the former couple is still bumping heads amid a nasty custody battle, new court documents reveal the athlete recently garnished Royce’s bank account for her failure to adhere to a gag order he requested years ago.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

Back in 2010, Dwight won a $535,000 judgement against Royce after a Florida judge agreed with the NBA star that she had violated a confidentiality agreement the two signed.

Dwight has been attempting to collect on the judgement for years and he filed court docs to garnish her bank account and wages but has been unsuccessful to collect on the majority of the money he is owed.

Then in 2012, Dwight filed docs trying to have all money that Royce had in her credit union account be handed over to start chipping away at the $535k debt she owed him and it looks like he was successful.

On January 27th, docs were filed in the case which show that Royce had $2,432.64 garnished from her account and given to Dwight, not even close to the $535k but it’s a start.


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  1. While I agree Dwight is on some petty sh-t, let’s not pretend Royce didn’t dig her own hole. She is always popping off on Instagram and Twitter & now she has to pay for it. I don’t have much sympathy.

  2. Lol I never liked this lil pretender. Always wanting to fit in now she sees what the limelight can cost trick

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