Sundy Carter Gets Even with Draya

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sundy Carter was fired from “Basketball Wives LA” because she got lots of backlash for her insensitive comments made to Brandi Maxiell regarding her fertility issues as a result of ovarian cancer. And since things got so messy between them last season, it’s no surprise Draya has been rubbing it in Sundy’s face plenty on social media.

Well it looks like Sundy Carter is getting even.

Over a year after Draya assaulted her and gave her a black eye (Sundy later claimed it was Malaysia who gave her the bruise), she has now filed a police report against both ladies.

TMZ writes:

So here’s the problem. Sundy filed the police report Wednesday night — nearly 2 years after the incident, and the statute of limitations is 1 year.

Sundy says she only found out 6 months ago she has permanent eye damage. She says her vision is blurred, not getting any better, and she now has to wear glasses. And speaking of glasses … her excuse won’t hold water in court.

But there’s a ray of hope. Sundy can still file a civil lawsuit against the girls because the statute of limitations is 2 years.


  1. Sundy just needs to fall in a black hole and fade into oblivion. Girl bye with this late a-s lawsuit smh.

    1. Thank you!! Sundy is such a mess. She was bout that life until Draya got in her face. She really wasn’t expecting it.

  2. I think the real reason she waited so long to do anything is because she was thinking she could get invited back for another season. For most reality shows you can’t sue or press charges on people you film with.

  3. Well of course if you’ve got Jackie’s crazy ass advising you, the statute of limitations would run out. Last time I checked, Jackie had about 13 jobs….lawyer could’ve been one of them.

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