Malaysia Pargo Reveals Her Boo on ‘Bold & Bougie’

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

After walking away from BBWLA, Malaysia Pargo debuts her current boo on “Bold & Bougie.”

Malaysia Pargo said leaving “Basketball Wives” was necessary to focus on her mental health. At the time, she didn’t get along with most of the cast. She fell out with Brandi Maxiell. Brandi accused Malaysia of not being a supportive enough friend. She alleged Malaysia didn’t reach out to her after her father passed away. Malaysia said she didn’t know Brandi’s father died. But that wasn’t enough to salvage their friendship. Then Malaysia’s feud with Jennifer Williams resulted in Jennifer alleging Malaysia lost her home to foreclosure. Malaysia told Jackie Christie and DJ Duffy that the stress she was dealing with in her co-parenting relationship and broken friendships became too much.

Well, Malaysia is enjoying her time on her new show, “Bold & Bougie.” The Carlos King produced show debuted on WE tv earlier this year, and Malaysia has been very open about her personal life. She even revealed her current boo on the latest episode.

Malaysia confirmed she is dating Kenny Clark. He is a retired football player.

In a green screen interview, Malaysia explained why she likes Kenny so much.

“I like Kenny because he is a man. He stands well in his masculinity and my ex-husband didn’t play that ****. “

She continued, “I used to go above and beyond to try to include him in things. But with Kenny, he’s there for me no matter what. And when you think of a sense of a husband, a provider, a role model for your children; Kenny is that.”

Malaysia also said that she and Kenny originally dated several years ago. But it didn’t work out. However, things are great this time around. So she’s hopeful for the future. While she is completely open to getting married again, taking it slow would be best for them.


  1. It’s refreshing to see Malaysia dating , I don’t recall her ever showing anyone she was dating. I love me some Malaysia I hope she has FINALLY found her KING.

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