Man Behind Past Rumors on ‘Basketball Wives’ Alleges Malaysia Pargo Ran up on Him

Malaysia Pargo Bold & Bougie
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“Basketball Wives” became too negative for Malaysia Pargo.

Malaysia Pargo decided to exit “Basketball Wives” to focus on her mental health. During her last season, she was unpopular with the majority of the cast. Jennifer Williams truly believed Malaysia brought friends like Zell Swag around to do her dirty work. In response, Jennifer alleged that Malaysia lost her Atlanta home via foreclosure. Then Malaysia also had to deal with Brandi Maxiell. Their friendship died offscreen. Brandi accused Malaysia of not being there for her enough and not contacting her when Brandi’s father passed away. Malaysia said she and Brandi stopped speaking before Brandi’s father died. So she wasn’t aware of his death. As the women began to pile on Malaysia, Malaysia told Jackie Christie and DJ Duffey she was leaving the show.

Interestingly enough, there was another time on the show that challenged Malaysia. She and Jackie nearly stopped being friends when Jackie revealed someone in Atlanta had been making messy accusations. And that person was a man named Anthony.

It was alleged that Anthony had told people Malaysia was struggling financially and her children always looked dirty and unkempt. This nearly led to Malaysia and Jackie coming to blows because Malaysia originally thought Jackie was the real source of the gossip. Luckily, they were able to hash things out.

Did Malaysia Pargo run up on Anthony?

Since then, Anthony has moved on to causing more confusion on other shows, like “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But he and Alexis Skyy recently got the attention of “Basketball Wives” fans recently because of comments they made about Malaysia on Instagram Live. Anthony accused Malaysia of putting her hands on him.

He said, “So yeah girl, Malaysia put her hands on me, and mind you she didn’t have her nails done either.”

Alexis laughed and backed up Anthony, “She did put her hands on you though.”

She continued, “I had to get in between it.”

Alexis went on to say she recently saw Malaysia and Bambi out one day. When she approached them to speak, Malaysia noticed Anthony was with her. And Malaysia allegedly ran up on Anthony.

Anthony accused Malaysia of pushing Alexis when she tried to keep them apart.

“And then she tried to push Alexis…”

According to both, Alexis allegedly pushed Malaysia back.

Anthony said, “You pushed her *** back and you told her she better back up fifty feet. Cause you told her girl you are not Jennifer Williams, I’ll knock your *** out, Laquisha.”


  1. I wouldn’t give this man any of my time or attention if I were Malaysia. People like him are miserable, messy, and fake. They turn on everyone they meet. Alexis is too naive to understand she’s next. He will eventually be telling her business to anyone who will listen.

  2. You have to be dumb to hang around this man. He’s messy and desperate to be on tv. A friend to no one.

  3. Why is this even being BROADCASTED! Like who cares such irrelevant news. Take several seats PLEASE

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