Kandi Burruss Gets Another Spin-off?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss has easily become on of the more popular stars of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” thanks to her drama surrounding her mother and new marriage to Todd Tucker, so it’s no surprise that sources claim she will get yet another spin-off.

Straight from the A writes:

The new show has been in production for a few weeks now as Kandi and Todd prepare to take on RHOA’s spot during the upcoming hiatus.

Mama Joyce, Riley, and Kaela are all on board and I suspect several other members of Kandi’s entertaining family members (like the old lady crew) will be back as well.

Bravo has picked up 3 episodes of the spin-off and depending on ratings, we may see a few more.

Whatever the case, the Tuckers will extend their marital drama from RHOA to a whole hour dedicated to them and their family members.


As of now, the rumored new show is titled “Meet the Tuckers.”


  1. Kandi is so boring on her own, that Mama Joyce and her old lady crew are gonna be extra on that show. Reality tv is never good for a marriage though,so Kandi better be careful!

      1. This! People keep blaming reality tv for failed marriages but these marriages had issues well before these people put it on tv for the world to see.

  2. I don’t understand why they need their own show when Kandi’s entire storyline is already centered around Todd and her family. This could be overkill.

    1. Oh it’s overkill. But what else does Bravo have? RHOA is their bread and butter. They needed another spinoff to make due.

  3. Pass. Kandi is boring she is a terrible friend and a terrible wife she lets her mother and her employees disrespect her husband and Todd resents her for it. They won’t last mark my words and this reality show won’t help.

  4. They are going to run RHOA into the ground. I’m sure that’s what they want though. They were never happy the black cast had the highest ratings. That is why I believe they brought Kenya on. Kill the show slowly and they are doing just that.

  5. So Kandi is still on the pimp out her family members bus…you would think her and Todd would want to chill out now since his mom died but both of them still haven’t learned.

  6. This is why I side eye her net worth. She doesn’t act like someone who is worth $35 million. Just saying.

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