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Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Claudia Jordan spinoff in the works? “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Claudia Jordan has been getting slammed by fans of the show for making multiple insensitive comments about black people, but apparently the producers love her regardless.

According to Reality Tea, Claudia is in talks to possibly secure her own spinoff.

The site reports:

First up, Claudia! The newbie RHOA star enjoyed Easter brunch with producers Carlos King and Brent Nisbett (who also produce Hollywood Divas with Todd Tucker!) and she announced that “may be” a spinoff is coming…

There have been several rumors that Claudia (who knew Carlos) was cast on the show specifically to cause conflict (with a certain Housewife who has since issued her a C&D letter) and was coached by producers. As a result of some acrimonious situations (some of which were edited out) and the vociferous complaints of other Housewives about favortism and storyline manipulations, an EVP was let-go. Carlos even did an interview promising that Claudia would bring the drama. However, NeNe Leakes has a longtime friendship with Princess Banton-Lofters, the creator of RHOA…

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  1. She does not need a spinoff. She needs to be demoted. Besides her elementary read of Nene, she hasn’t done much else.

    1. All of this. Are we in the Twilight Zone or something? They keep hyping up Claudia and she’s not even peach material.

    2. We know her Spinoff, (wishful thinking)won’t be with Bravo, unless it is called They kicked A Faked Bitsh out on her A**, and have one Episode. I hear Carlos King use to be with LHHA and Mona Scott Young. If so I can understand how the show has gone for the last few years since he has been there. It reeks of LHH. He took a show that most mainstream people liked and turned it into something Dark, only reflecting a one dimensional viewing but fighting, Vile behavior, almost Jerry Springer like. Nothing but negative. Before they were Shady but it had the right balance. No one went after a Caste Mate husband. Why would a Executive Produce bring in someone like Claudia who most Black frothiest fans know about and try to repackage her as something she is not when her life is all over the Blogs and TMZ. This heifer accuses Porsha of being an Escort when she was an Escort in Dubai a few years ago according to the same Blogs, she use to accuse Porsha. That is thinking the Fans are fools. Great move Carlos, you and Claudia must have been drunk to attempt to pull that one off. Or Carlos hate for Nene had to be stronger than his career on the show. But most Fans that know Claudia and her negative, Racist butt was not buying it anyway. what you wanted by any means necessary was to take Nene down and it seems it took you and Claudia down. Hope Claudia is going with him or that she is not too far behind and maybe they can go together! He can give her a Spin off, if he can sell it to BET.

    1. Claudia is just running her mouth. Nowhere has Bravo said she is getting a Spin off or that Kenya have a show date for hers. Nene is alluding to Claudia being on her way out. That makes sense. The petition that need a thousand signatures asking for her removal from the show is moving along towards getting the needed number. I would not be on board with someone losing their job but in Claudia case, the Black self hatred, she spews, the Tiny Harris tear down, Dark Skin Blacks, Lies on Porsha when she has been accused of the same and much more. Plus what she shows us each episode and now knowing she was hired to do it. I just did not know it was Carlos. Shows that she is too much of a liability for the Black Community, especially young girls, with the Team Pretty, Team Beast, Gorilla, Mighty Joe Young, as she has called a dark skinned female fan in the last few weeks. Dark Skinned Blacks, Waste of Light Skinned comments. Go Claudia, just Go. we don’t have this on RHOBH, why should we want this reflection even if it is a Reality Show. Stereotypes are getting Black Men and Boys shot down, though they are innocent. While I am not saying she has anything to do with this, If she cannot understand that an event for Black Boys is not the place for her to use for her agenda to take down Nene. She has a problem and that problem is, she has no conscience. They needed someone who would not think twice about doing anything they had to to get a reaction from Nene and Porsha. We have seen Cynthia do a complete about face and turn into such a negative individual. Carlos and Claudia could team up else where and create another Basketball Wives type show and we saw what happen to there. She could care less about Black people. She looks Black so the community is where she must make her money. Her alignment would not be with Black people, if she had a choice. I would not support nothing Claudia or Kenya do.

  2. These Mona Scott Young transplants won’t be happy until RHOA is cancelled. They keep making stupid casting decisions. They have made RHOA go from boughetto to straight up ratchet.

  3. These producers are idiots especially Carlos King ever since he has came to RHOA it has went down. Claudia ain’t did sh-t to merit her own show. Now why team delusional aka team twirl hating on Nene Clawfoot Claudia has leapfrogged over Kenya to get a spin off. Just ain’t y’all week lol. I’m laughing but this is really ridiculous that after one season she is in talks for a spin off.

  4. Claudia does not need her own show though. She would be better as a friend of Kenya’s. She doesn’t even need a peach. She’s another Marlo to be real about it. But I guess they were so desperate to find someone to go after Nene that they got desperate. Now I’m Team Twirl, but I am not seeing what’s so special about Claudia. She ain’t all that.

    1. If only Kenya would have told Nene her hair looks like ramen noodles first, then maybe she would have finally gotten her own spinoff huh? J/K. LOL.

    1. He needed to be dragged for ruining RHOA. Now RHOA isn’t that much different from LHHATL. And that’s a problem.

  5. Now people see Nene was not being paranoid when she said the producers have favorites now (Kenya and Claudia). They have been showing their favoritism a lot this season.

    1. @ Tea Nene was def on to something when she said that. Aint no way Claudia should have her own show. She cant even half carry what she does on RHOA.smh

  6. They don’t need to go through with this. It’s too many spinoffs as it is. It will only hurt the ratings more.

  7. I guess this means anybody with a cat as their new man can get on a housewife show. All y’all pet lovers better get ready! Lol!!!

  8. Who is Claudia f-cking to be getting all these damn opportunities? She has a dry personality and she’s boring as sh-t. The way they hyped up her “read” of Nene, you would have thought she was a Marlo/Sheree hybrid. Turns out she’s just a wacker version of Kenya. Boo.

  9. Bravo is really falling off. The hell Claudia need a show for? She shouldn’t even be on RHOA. Real talk.

  10. Unless we get to see Claudia sleeping around for gigs like she usually does, I don’t see how her show would even be interesting.

  11. Bunch of lies. This Carlos is possibly fired. This bish, is running scared. She probably will be in the unemployment line. …I grant you that!!!

  12. I LOVETHESE FANS!!!! The bi a is am alcoholic, who needs rehab and intensevtherapy. She know she has messed up big time. She is delusional and needs m….m

    1. I LOVETHESE FANS!!!! The bish is slcoholic, who needs rehab and intense therapy. She know she has messed up big time. She is delusional and needs help.

  13. I LOVETHESE FANS!!!! The bish is slcoholic, who needs rehab and intense therapy. She know she has messed up big time. She is delusional and needs help.

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