Fantasia Barrino Confirms New Marriage is Already Over?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Fantasia Barrino confirmed to her fans on Instagram last fall that she married her beau Kendall Taylor, and the tabloids were claiming her family was concerned about the marriage because they had only been dating a couple of months before making the big move.

Fantasia clapped back at the criticism, and she claimed Kendall is the best man she’s ever been with.

Sadly, Fantasia seemingly confirmed the marriage is already over amid grieving over the passing of her grandmother.

She posted the following photo to Instagram before deleting it (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

fantasia instagram

And there’s more:

fantasia instagram 2fantasia instagram 3fantasia instagram 4fantasia instagram 5

We’re keeping Fantasia in our prayers.


      1. Why do you feel sorry for a home wrecker? She slept with a married man so karma paid her a visit.

  1. I feel bad for her but this is why you can’t rush into marrying someone. You have to get to know them first with society being the way it is now.

  2. I really wish I could say I’m surprised but I’m not. We all saw this coming. You just can’t marry someone while you’re still in the honeymoon phase. You have to see how someone is once their fake perfection goes away.

    1. You also can’t sleep with married men and expect it not to happen to you when you get married.

  3. I hate to say this but I knew this would happen with Fantasia she is so gullible when it comes to men. She falls in love too easily and she has bad taste in men that’s a bad combination that will always have you heartbroken and in tears. Sorry about her granny praying for the family.

    1. as many times this itch done fell in love and as old as she is i cant believe that she cant see yet that men come a dime a dozen. even rich men. she need to talk to evelyn. she needs to be schooled on so many levels.

  4. You don’t see how a person really is until you start having problems. That is why I won’t marry anyone until they show me how they can deal with the bad times. And I bet one of her own so called stans was the one who f-cked him while they were married. There will always be people who get a rise out of taking what you have. Especially when you brag about that sh-t on Instagram.

  5. Not to put it out there in the air, but she sounds a little suicidal to me. Maybe I’m reading to much into it, and I apologize if I am. Fannie falls way too hard and too fast. It’s like she scared to be alone, instead of realizing that’s when she’ll truly get to know who she really is, and what she wants in her life. SMH!!!

  6. So her album was scrapped already? You know she has so much talent and I just wish she could handle her personal demons so she could win.

  7. Fantasia needs to stop running from her true calling and sing for God, then everything she needs and wants will all fall into place. She’s out of the will right now.

    1. Let it go. Y’all didn’t shame Alicia Keys for her home wrecking as much as y’all dragged Fanny. I wonder why.

      1. Because Alicia is light skinned and sings women empowerment songs. It’s the truth no one likes to admit though.

        1. Amen. People barely even mention how Alicia and Swizz got together but have the nerve to keep talking about what Fanny did. Please.

  8. I agree with the people who said she’s sounding suicidal again. I hope someone steps in and helps her get through all of this.

  9. But of course they’re done already. If you rush into a marriage, you can’t be shocked when it falls apart.

  10. I hope she doesn’t hurt herself. It’s been really hard to read and understand her IG posts as of lately.

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