More Details Released on K Michelle/Memphitz Lawsuit

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day we told you rumors were suggesting K Michelle told her fans at a recent show that she defeated Memphitz and his defamation lawsuit against her, Mona Scott Young and VH1.  Now the Atlanta media outlets are releasing more details on the situation.

The AJC writes:

The Fulton County judge Robert McBurney decided in favor of the defendants. In general, the allegations were true, Wright is deemed a public figure as a former TV host and husband of singer and reality star Toya Wright and the production company “exercised due diligence concerning Defendant Pate’s domestic violence claims,” according to final court judgment. “The record shows that they reasonably believed Defendant Pate during production of LHHA and that they still do today.”

Wright in depositions acknowledged he got into a physical altercation with K Michelle in a Memphis hotel altercation in 2009 and had spent money from Jive Record’s budget for jewelry, not to help her career, and had sent a text message threatening to kill K. Michelle’s son. That content of the text was bleeped out on the show, negating its import in the case.

The summary judgment goes into detail about the argument between K Michelle and Wright where Wright admits he put a pillow and/or his hands over her mouth to try to shut her up. She reasonably thought he was trying to kill her. He later tried to backtrack from his initial acknowledgments, according to a court filing by the defendants seeking summary judgment.


  1. It’s funny because he was saying for the longest that everything she said was a lie just to turn around and admit in court that everything she said did happen. I’m so happy K. got the last laugh.

    1. Tamar a-s too hope they all picking up they melted a-s plastic faces up off the ground from judging period and hating on her she even tried to come to amends with some but hey o well…

  2. So basically K was telling the truth and Memphitz is the psychotic liar I always thought. My question is what do Tamar, Rasheeda, maybe Kandi (I can’t remember if she called K a liar too)and all of Toya’s friend who called K a liar have to say about this. This is why people need to mind they business now all of them look stupid.

    1. Yea Kandi got involved with it also, but it was before Love and Hip Hop. That’s why in one of K’s song on the Zero F’s Given mixtape she told Kandi she got a Grammy and she will come rob it….and she doesn’t fight with B***hes who be singing off key…. Anyways the one two from the ATL circle that didn’t take sides were Toya and Monica. I know people think K has a bad additude, etc… But they must take into consideration what this lady has been going through the last 3 years with this darkness hanging over her head. I have seen a lot of growth in K and I believe it will continue. Sidenote… K’s karma game is strong.. The End.

    1. What can they say though? He did it and he is certified crazy too. I just left his IG account and I’m trying to understand why he hasn’t been placed on meds yet.

  3. So she was telling the truth the whole time. Well I believed her from the start. K is many things but I’ve never thought she was the lying type. If anything she may be too honest.

  4. Genuine happiness is what I feel for this woman. You can’t try to attack someone’s character to negate the truth. Toya got the hell up out of there knowing what the business was. You defended and married an abuser, boo. How ’bout a round of applause. *crickets*

  5. I think Tamar, Toya, Rasheeda and everyone else in that circle who came for her needs to apologize. They were so wrong and they dragged her name in the mud for a dude they didn’t really know!!!

  6. The truth always comes out one way or another. But I always did believe K. You could tell she was really hurt by everything.

  7. He said he was going to kill her son. She should have pressed charges. He’s a crazy a-s piece of sh-t.

  8. The emotions she displayed the first season when she was talking about this can’t be faked unless you’re a train actress which she isn’t. I don’t know why some people were so quick to say she was lying.

  9. Had Mempitz been real and just admitted he did this from jump, it wouldn’t have gotten this far. The nerve of him trying to sue for millions after all that mess he put her through.

  10. Well now the whole world knows Memphitz is nothing but a sorry excuse for a man. It’s a damn shame it took Toya forever to see it though. She was so busy trying to make it look like they had a fairytale that she couldn’t believe he was a nightmare to the woman before her.

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