Dwight Howard Catches a Break, Royce Reed is Pissed

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dwight Howard and former “Basketball Wives” star Royce Reed have been going back and forth in their nasty child custody case, and Dwight was recently investigated for child abuse.

However, the investigation is now over and Dwight has been cleared, much to the annoyance of Royce.

TMZ writes:

Dwight Howard’s ex Royce Reed is FURIOUS that the NBA star is off the hook in his child abuse case … telling close friends their 7-year-old son is still “terrified” of his father.

TMZ Sports broke the story … Howard was investigated by the Atlanta Police Dept. for allegedly hitting his son with a belt buckle last year. They ultimately decided to drop the case.

Now, we’ve learned Reed is fuming over the decision — with one source close to Reed telling us, “She’s extremely upset by the way the system neglected to defend her son.”

“She never asked for Dwight to be arrested. She asked for him to get help and take parenting classes. Her child is terrified of his father.”


Dwight’s lawyers are accusing Royce of using her son to get even with Dwight and they deny the accusations.


  1. Weren’t they just cool a few months ago? I wish they would go back to that. Running to TMZ aint a good look.

  2. remember when royce had her son doing the same fantashique dances and doing the splits and ish? he dont want his son to turn into a b, but that’s why these men should commit to a woman and stop scattering seeds all about

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