Lil Wayne Shuts Down Young Thug

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne has been on bad terms with Birdman and Cash Money Records because his upcoming studio album keeps getting pushed back, so Birdman’s new protegé Young Thug has been taking shots at Weezy and decided it would be clever to name his upcoming album “Carter Six.”

When Lil Wayne’s fans started calling him out on social media for the album’s name, Young Thug then claimed he isn’t trying to be disrespectful because Lil Wayne is his idol but that didn’t apparently didn’t stop Weezy from threatening to sue.

MTV writes:

After stirring up some debate by attempting to release his Carter 6 project before Lil Wayne could drop Tha Carter V, Young Thug has announced that he’s changing the title of his upcoming project to Barter 6.

“Can’t name the mixtape Carter 6 because these f—k ass n——s tryin’ to sue just like some hoes,” Thugger said in an Instagram video that was posted Monday (Apr. 13). “Big ol’ Blood so…Barter 6 on the f-ckin’ way.”

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  1. N-gga shut your skirt wearing a-s up. Nobody gives a f-ck about this flop album you’re about to drop. N-gga stay doing publicity stunts and still can’t even go gold. This is the most attention he’s ever gotten his whole life. F-ck outta here.

    1. Wait he really is though. Why did I never think about that until now? That show was ahead of its time. I miss it.

  2. Young Thug is just a troll. I don’t know why people keep giving him attention. I can’t stand Lil Wayne but I can’t deny the fact that he has a legitimate career and is genuinely respected by his peers. Young Thug will never have either.

  3. This whole situation has been nothing but Karma for Lil Wayne. He did the same thing to Juvie and now he sees how it feels. Young Thug is wrong for doing all this though.

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