Kandi Burruss Claps Back After Being Called Boring

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It’s been rumored for weeks now that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kandi Burruss and her hubby Todd Tucker have a new spinoff on the way, and the trailer for the show was released not too long after sneak peek of the reunion made rounds on social media.

Although fans of Kandi are excited about the new show, her critics are questioning it.

After someone called Kandi too boring to keep securing spinoffs, the reality star and business woman clapped back pretty tough (screenshot obtained by Baller Alert):

kandi burruss claps back


  1. Does Kandi’s simple a-s not understand people are only checking for her because her momma is crazy as sh-t and liable to do something ratchet enough to hold our attention? We’re not here for you Kandi. We’re here for your momma.

  2. Kandi owes her success to Mama Joyce. It’s laughable to see her taking credit when her storyline has been about Mama Joyce and Todd for like the last three years. The one show that was just about her and not her mom and Todd flopped.

    1. Exactly! Notice she didn’t say word one about that. Kandi thinks us viewers are stupid, but we know boring when we see it. That’s why Kandi Factory flopped….no Mama Joyce and no Todd equals no interest.

      1. Kandi gets angry about everything. She is boring. Her mother is ignorant and ghetto. She is Kandis story line. Kandi is a very jealous person. She is not supportive of others. When Porsha did the race for charity, Kandi criticized her and she laughed. She makes fun of others. She is not a nice person. Kandi, you cannot give Porsha advice about men. Checkout Kandis background with men. She stole Todd from his girlfriend. Kandi uses her money to get men.

  3. She definitely got that person together but the truth is we only watched her wedding to see what Mama Joyce and Miss Sharon were going to do. We didn’t watch it because Kandi has some amazing personality. She’s not interesting. The people in her life are.

  4. She clapped back so hard because it got to her and I know she has heard it before because everybody says it. The clap back was strong but the troll is right Kandi is boring. Only thing interesting about her is the Mama Joyce situation and that has ran it’s course. The only reason why she got that spin off is because Mama Joyce is starting the mess up again.

  5. I don’t think the ratings will be as good as the wedding special’s was. Let’s be honest. People are over the Todd and Mama Joyce situation. Even the trailer for the spinoff was very boring. So Kandi may want to scale back on the cockiness. Especially when she told Nene she had a stank attitude because she’s been too cocky lately. Kandi is such a hypocrite and I do believe she’s a tad bit jealous of Nene. She never thought it would be Nene to actually break away from the show and do something big.

  6. Yeah, I’m over Kandi. Especially since she’s trying to take the credit for something Mama Joyce did. She’s the one who brought in the ratings.

  7. Shouldn’t Mama Joyce be bragging about this? I mean she’s the reason Kandi keeps getting these spinoffs.

  8. I think Kandi clapped back because she knows that girl was right. She is boring. Her mama isn’t so people will tune in to see her act foolish again. Kandi is just there. Like she brings nothing to any show on her own.

  9. I have always liked Kandi but I don’t like how she keeps missing her husband and everyone else’s point about standing up to her mother. She starts with, “I am always gonna stick by my mom, I just cant write her off, I love my mother”. I am yelling at the screen Todd, will you shake her and break it down to her. Sometimes I feel like I am looking at a child in a grown woman’s body. I hate to watch her and Todd because I feel she really loves him but cannot understand him or either she is scared of hurting her mother. She has not cut the strings with her mom and stood up and acted like Todd’s wife. Todd is tired of it. Kandi keeps rolling her eyes as if she could care less about what he is saying. She don’t get it and it makes me not want to watch more of the constant miscommunication. She looks for her mother’s approval for everything and doesn’t get it. Kandi is the problem and I cant see watching a grown man in a marriage with a child, who wears a bonnet to bed anymore. lol That is why when they had the pillow-talk event on RHOA and Kandi went off, I was like finally she is dropping the fake and being real. That is the most I have seen about her is when she is angry or hurt. When she’s hurt she immediately starts crying, but when I look at Todd sometimes he seems as he could cry. That man is not happy. She shouldn’t be ok with that!

  10. So what will Kandi do when people stop caring about Mama Joyce and Todd’s beef? That’s really all she has going on. Nobody cares about any other part of her life. Her personality is so blah.

  11. The truth hurts. She had to bring up stats her mother got her because she knows what that person said had some truth in it. Kandi has never been interesting. She knew she was on the way out so she put a bug in her mom’s ear and Joyce has been cutting up ever since. When you look at the first few times Joyce was on RHOA, it’s like night and day.

  12. Damn.. Every single comment was against Kandi… Yall are miserable Thats it… The girl must have sum kinda personality she keeps gettin these spinoffs and they aint fired her yet.. Smh Kandi is real and I guess real equals boring… She really aint about that drama tho… Shes ms #ohwell just like me n my man haaaates that… Todd aint bored nor mad thats just todd being todd his mf personality… Yall know nothing more than what yall see and I can bet That todd is happy… His personality is JustSoTodd lol… I love it. Hey Kandi do u… Xscape is in constant replay on my music player n has been for the past 10 or so years… Smh… Yall r so fake for real. Real recognizes real

    1. So we’re miserable for stating the truth? Ok. Look you can label us haters all day long. It doesn’t change the fact that Kandi’s wedding special only got those ratings because of Mama Joyce. When she had her own show before that and Mama Joyce wasn’t on it, it did so bad it was cancelled. She knows that and that’s why she put her mom on this new show too. Facts are facts. Deal.

  13. I hope no one thinks Kandi is getting her coin from the show, ummmm she does have a few grammys and has been a song writer for years, long before any one ever heard of a Nene lol. Why would Kandi be jealous of Nene. if anything her mammie needs to go and get a life instead of riding Kandi’s coat tail. Should Kandi stoop to Nene and her Mother’s level to get ratings ???? I don’t think so that’s why they have the clowns to entertain the haters…. Kandi is laughing all the way to the bank!!!!

    1. Umm you do know rich people get jealous all the time, right? They don’t lose the ability to be human just because they have money. So yes, it is possible for Kandi to be jealous of Nene. Especially when Phaedra is out here bragging about how supportive Nene has been to her when Kandi hasn’t.

  14. Now that Phaedra, has announced that she has filed for a divorce from Apollo. Lol Phaedra needs to stay relevant. Lol we are all entitled to our own opionion. Lol Lol I still say Nene is a bum and if Phaedra wants to be friends with a bum. It’s a free country, let’s see how long Nene and Phaedra remain friends. Kandi has nothing to be jealous
    of. Not Nene any way. Lol LOl Nene has not been able to remain friends
    with anyone lol lol.

    1. Bums don’t star on Broadway. Bums don’t have successful clothing lines and an acting resume that consists of being in two major network shows. Just say you don’t like Nene and call it a day. But calling her a bum is a reach and wack as hell. And yes, as long as Kandi is human she is capable of being jealous of anybody. She didn’t start coming for Nene hard like this until Nene got cool with Phaedra. I’m sleep though.

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