Cynthia Bailey Explains How She Knows Peter is Faithful

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams accused Peter Thomas of stepping out on his wife Cynthia Bailey with a waitress at one of his Bar One spots, but Cynthia says she knows for sure that her hubby isn’t cheating on her.

In her latest Bravo blog, she writes:

Peter is the most accessible husband on the show. Tons of women walk through the doors of Bar One and Sports One every day. It is his job to be cordial and take pictures with them if requested. If he is too nice, he is flirting with them. If he is too standoffish, he is an a–hole. Most of the women are genuine fans, but some do have agendas. Regardless, they have the opportunity to meet him, shake his hand, hug him, and take a picture with him. If Peter was cheating on me, I would know about it. Any woman that has been with my husband (knowing that he is a married man) is not going to keep it a secret. They are going to tell someone. Women with no self-value or integrity will always go out of their way to make sure the wife finds out. In their small minds, it’s a victory.


  1. So she KNOWS he’s not cheating cause she doesn’t KNOW about it…. Lol she has no idea how mistress’ work. If the side chick is happy with her position, she’s not going to tell a soul! Some women know not to mess up a good thing….

  2. I’m glad she is so trusting because that is not proof. And not every side piece is eager to tell the Mrs. Some will be in your house smiling in your face, eat your food and screw your husband in your bed without a thought. And they call Porcha the gullible one.smh

  3. This b-tch is just as dumb as Porsha. All side chicks ain’t the same. Some of them don’t want you to know a thing. They like being on the side because to them it’s more convenient. So they don’t tell anybody sh-t because they don’t want to mess it up. She’s got to learn to shut the f-ck up sometimes.

  4. Cynthia won’t admit it but she is thinking like this because she knows her and Peter messy ass is always in people business and people can’t wait to blast them. When you always in people business they are going to be waiting for you to slip up and if you do they going to blast you. But not so fast though because somebody is going to be smart wait in the shadows collect all the evidence and blast them watch and see Cynthia is so stupid.

  5. Cynthia is basically daring someone to speak up with this blog. And she’s going to be mad when that happens. Peter already told her what kind man he is. He was close to cheating on her when she got fibroids. That should have been red flag to her but I guess it wasn’t.

    1. Yes to everything you said! She is daring somebody to air her dirty laundry with this bs. There’s already a pic floating around of Peter and his side piece shopping in Miami. But if she wants to play dumb, be my guest!!! I for one will be happy to clown that b-tch when the news comes out. She better watch him and Clawfoot….that’s all I’m gonna say!

  6. I get what she’s saying but like some you already said, all women aren’t the same. Some really don’t want the wife to ever find out. She should know that.

  7. Idiot. Some mistresses know how to stay quiet. Anyway, I think Peter’s cheating won’t come out until they are off the show. He’ll get sloppy then.

  8. She’s gullible. I bet Peter told her this though knowing good and damn well some side chicks won’t say anything because they aren’t pressed for the wife to know.

  9. I hope he’s not cheating but if he is they all slip up eventually. And it will be all over the blogs.

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