Chrissy Monroe Calls Erica Mena & Bow Wow’s Bluff

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Erica Mena and Bow Wow are set to tie the knot this summer, but “Love and Hip Hop New York” star Chrissy Monroe doesn’t seem to think the couple will actually make things official.

Chrissy tells Hip Hop Wired:

 “I think her relationship with Bow Wow is genuine.

“I just think that he’s gonna snap out of it soon if he hasn’t already; and realize ‘this ain’t the chick for me. She’s definitely not wife material for anyone. She doesn’t even have custody of her son, she never has.

“She leaves her son in Florida with her mother and her sister to raise while she’s out chasing cocaine and fame. She’s a fame hungry wh*re. She’s put that before her own child.”

Check out the video below:


  1. I don’t even like Erica but this bish needs to worry about her own problems. She’s just as much of as a walking embarrassment as Erica.

  2. Does she think she’s giving out some new information on Erica? Bow Wow knows she ain’t sh-t. He still wants to marry her regardless because he’s a simp for non black THOTs. He’s the same one who got on Facebook and said black people don’t like him with Erica because she’s Puerto Rican and everyone is jealous of that.

  3. Erica is a mess but Chrissy just got done begging for a ring herself. I sense a little jealousy. Is Bow Wow dumb for trying to wife Erica? Only time will tell but Chrissy is beyond obsessed. Erica is all she talks about.

  4. When even Cyn has packed it up and moved on, it’s time to join her Chrissie! You’re way too jealous of Erica life, and of her son. Stop making me defend Erica cuz I don’t even like that b-tch!

  5. I can’t stand Erica and Chrissy is probably telling the truth about her but at this point who really cares. Erica is trash and everybody knows it no need to keep saying it. Furthermore Chrissy ain’t an angel you were pimping her out for money so you weren’t really doing her a favor without putting money in your pocket. Lady please I know the game Chrissy is a pimp and in true pimp fashion she got mad at Erica that she hustled her way from sucking d-cks to reality tv without her getting a cut. Then on top of that she tried to block Chrissy money that’s what it all boils down to.

  6. Hmm she may be right but Bow Wow is a grown man who thinks Erica is a prize. No need to waste energy on warning him when his mind seems to be made up. Chrissy just needs to worry about herself. She begged a married man to knock her up on TV.

  7. erica isnt my fav but so what if she was a female hustler [we all know men get mad props for all their hustles]…so what at least erica did what she could to come to where she is now and it doesnt look like erica plans on going backwards. and chrissy if u were in on the hookin that means you collected a few extra bucks along the way too and gave somethin up at some point too!! u’re in the same basket just mad that erica surpassed u!!

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