More Problems for Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore has been busy promoting her upcoming sitcom “Life Twirls On,” but she’s been getting slammed for the project because “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Janet Hubert has accused Kenya of not paying her for her work.

Now Kenya is being accused of using someone’s photography to promote her hair care line without permission.

Baller Alert writes:

Reality tv star Kenya Moore got herself into a sticky situation when she decided to post the photography work of Austin Willis (@visualsbywillis) on instagram to promote her “Moore Hair Care” products without giving a single bit of credit to the photographer. Austin Willis and his work are not affiliated with Ms. Moore and her brand at all.

Users took to her comments demanding she credit the photographer for his work and instead of crediting the photographer she promptly switched the photo caption and decided to block him instead. She also began deleting comments and blocking other users for commenting on her photo theft after Austin Willis made a post informing people she took his work and blocked him.

kenya instagram

kenya instagram 2

accusations instagram

Kenya has since deleted the posts. In related news, Janet Hubert is claiming on her Facebook page that she filed criminal charges against Kenya.

janet at it again


  1. I’ll said it once and I’ll say it again. If Kenya really didn’t pay Janet, she would have actually done something by now. She keeps saying she’s suing Kenya and all that but where are her receipts? She hasn’t done anything and she won’t because she’s just a crazy lady who wants attention. And Kenya didn’t steal from this photographer. She liked the picture and reposted it like most people do. But I’m glad she took it down so they can shut up.

    1. Twirl, now come on. When you post someone else’s work without giving them credit and use it in a way that it’s perceived to be affiliated with you and your product…..that is STEALING!!! You know if that was Nene you would’ve been calling her a thief in every damn language!

  2. Kenya needs to tighten up. She wanted the fame, well now that she has it she can’t be out here being dumb. She was wrong for taking that person’s picture. It’s not her work and she didn’t pay for it.

  3. This is what happens when you keep making sh-t up for a damn storyline. She will learn one day.

  4. This is typical Kenya behavior no matter how her stans try to spin this where there’s smoke there’s fire and everybody isn’t picking on Kenya these are all reflections of the type of person she really is.

  5. Kenya won’t stop until she gets sued. And what is Janet waiting on? I don’t think she did anything yet because it would have been on TMZ by now. She needs to stop talking and do something.

  6. Kenya is a mess. Anyone with sense knows you can’t just take someone’s picture and use it to promote your business. I don’t ever want her to brag about how intelligent she is again.

  7. People post n repost pictures on the web all day everyday… thats not stealing… people act friggin dumb all the time… Im aggravated now.

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