Erica Mena Wants You to Know…

Photo Credit:: Instagram
Photo Credit:: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former “Love and Hip Hop New York” star Erica Mena will be tying the knot with Bow Wow soon in a destination wedding, but the reality star couldn’t wait until the big day to shower her future husband with love.

Erica bought Bow Wow a new car the other day, but she caught some backlash for it on social media because some people question how she could possibly afford it since she is no longer on LHHNY.

But Erica wants people to stop worrying about her pockets.

She tweets:

erica mena twitter

erica mena twitter 2


    1. I’m sure she gets paid decently for IG promotions and club appearances, but it’s only so far she can go. She quit the show, so I hope she has some projects lined up.

  1. I don’t see why she’s mad. She’s the one who wanted everyone and all the blogs to know she bought him the car. You put your business out there so expect people to have opinions.

  2. Instead of buying Bow Wow a car, she should have bought him another house so he won’t have to keep living with his momma in the basement. Priorities.

    1. Girl yes!!! Got money to buy cars but still living with his mom I dont care if its a mansion or not if you can buy a BMW you can afford a house.

  3. You can tell her money ain’t that long because what real wealthy person brags about paying for their kid’s college tuition? That’s nothing. What, about 80,000-150,000? Thats nothing to a rich person. Erica ain’t got it like that.

  4. Bow wow and Erica are really ridiculous buying cars but still living in a house with your mother is ridiculous. It aint like Bow mom is sick or old she has her own business and as much money as he has made he should have his own house. I know what they doing they probably cant afford the mansion on their own so that why their staying but they could probably get a smaller house within their means but want to keep up with the Joneses smh.

  5. She’s a pretty bird. But I agree. Investing is something we all need to be doing. Worry about your own bank account.

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