Daniel Gibson Talks Beefing with Keyshia Cole on Social Media

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Months ago Keyshia Cole and her estranged husband Daniel Gibson had a war of words on social media after Keyshia put Daniel on blast for trying to creep with another woman while they were trying to work on their troubled marriage.

Things have gotten peaceful between them since, and Daniel now admits he regrets things got so nasty.

Hip Hollywood writes:

He went on to open up about the battle the two had on Twitter and Instagram after she outed him for hooking up with other women while trying to get back with her.

“It really shouldn’t happen like that. But with social media being so important these days it kinda just happens. We’re in a great space as friends and I wanna keep it that way so we can continue to raise my son the right way.”


  1. I’m glad they realize it’s best to keep things off social media. They were acting ratchet.

  2. Everybody needs to learn how to keep their problems off Instagram and Facebook. Hell why volunteer to be someone else’s entertainment? People don’t be giving a damn about your problems they just see it as entertainment.

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